Recruiters question

If I not mistaken there is a Line group for people looking for new alliance. This group helps you find were you fit.

How can we Recruiters get our Alliance in the list for candidates?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I can get you in the line rec groups. Look me up MordSith2

PatB in alliance recruitment (here on forums) has a group for players looking…Basically the alliance posts an ad, then players browse them…… Line group called E & P looking for home

I saw the post but I cant find the group. Thanks!

@Mord-Sith I sent you a msg via line.

Thanks for the help!

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Good luck! Just like AR here, and in game…….there seems to be a lot more recruiters than recruits…….never hurts to get your info out there in as many places as possible.

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I only know someone for German alliances…

@Rook Please close. Thanks.

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