Recruit Reduction (NOT during Atlantise Rises)

Notice reduction in recruits to 1/2 of what I was obtaining prior to recent game update on season 2 15/8 and 15/9 was this nerfed or possible bug issue image of current allotments posted

Is this normal or hard?

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Same thing happening in season 1…
I use 8/7 day and night. Its locked in soon as I open up the map it’s ready to go. I used to receive plenty of wooden swords, and recruits, which helped build my heros… now rare almost completely non existent… I just used all 41 flags and received 2 feeder heros


Can’t be recruits… I’m guessing you mean feeders or troops?

Sorry for the mix up. Yes feeders big change in the number of them kicked out doing season 1, stage 7 in province 8 repeatedly. I used to get a lot of feeders it’s changed enough ive Searched out other stages I might find better luck. Unfortunately returned to 8/7 it’s repetitive and keeps me busy at least.

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If you’re a backpack man I’d suggest 5-8, feeders are still good and if you don’t get a pack (or 2, or 3) you usually get at least sword and/or rugged clothes - just a good level for TC mats in general.


Thanks, I don’t know what changes will come once I finish TC20 currently 2 days left to build.

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Anything for a fellow Oregonian :wink:

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It actually lists them in the little box on bottom after doing the stage in the loot box very bottom… look at the picture posted top of picture shows resources, then crafting & ascension mat and next box shows heroes and troops bottom of each picture. I used to get 2 heros and troops in that box on regular basis. Now it’s empty pretty much all the time

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They’re called heros in the box but yes they’re all feeders lol

it’s a bug lol
My screen keeps saying no heros or recruits found. Has changed dramatically… since first response to this thread I’ve gone back to game played 4 more of the stage and all same results. No hero or recruits found

Ya that’s strange, I remember that level being good for those too. Barry’s farming spreadsheet says 9-1 should be good for feeders too, might be worth a try.

Based on Barry’s Data.

Stage Recruits /1xflag Recruits /1xrun Sample posted screenshot
S2:15-8N 2.429 2.429 x 7 = 17.003 18
S2:15-9N 2.857 2.857 x 7 = 19,999 21

So, I think it is still normal. In tolarance of 2-3 plus minus recruits. Although the screenshot posted is more then avarage.

Ya I think they tightened up the slot machine better odds for the casino! I used to stack up 50-60 swords while using backpacks that were stacked up while I used the previous pile of swords. Have 4 training camps, one not in use being upgraded, 2 that run continuously on cheapest option build feeders and I usually run one being upgraded swords, this one sitting unoperational due to no materials swords or backpacks it’s quite obvious the difference in loot drop in that stage. I’ve already found better not mentioning stage be the next one they tighten up

I think they included this in the recent info on update. Nerfed the popular farming places :frowning:

Ya @Insidious
I’ve been hunting doing various stages to try find one to get back to the grind unsuccessful so far.

That would be on hard mode that prior to this last update were giving on average 33 recruits during regular play and 50 recruits during special events like atlantis

To be more specific that’s training recruits, not heroes or troops that I’ve farmed daily that’s been reduced to about 1/2 of what I was obtaining farming this Prov on hard mode, if that help!

Oh yeah I can also remember to get around 29 recruits on that level. SG likes to call these changes „Further Improvements and changes“ that way they can stealthchange whatever they want but post statements like „we never nerfed anything without promoting it in our changelog“ :wink: guess you gotta take it as it is.

I farm mostly 12/7 which which gives me everything I need for crafting but if your after mostly backpaks

I probably have about double this in swords as I never use them.

As for recruits, I for feeders, you most certainly don’t get as many these days as I can go ticket 10 matches at times and only get 3 or 4 feeders in total.

As for recruits, I can get 8 to 10 from 12/7 for 4 flags, knowing 8/7 also can go up to 10 but I found 12/7 better XP per flag. My misses does s2 15/9 and swears she gets around 20 or so recruits there but to me on a per flag bases that’s just a waste of good flags. But it may be better for other loot though if that’s what your after.

Maybe they did this à while back knowing the PoV harvesters where being made and maybe we are all dillusional and it’s the good old RNG taking the micky out of us all… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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