Recruit not returned

I undid my training in tc20, and it gave me back my food but not recruits. I thought all should be returned. Is this not the case?

It is, unless your houses are full…

in that case, you should have had a warning…

That’s a Screenshot_20230907_191022_Empires
No shortage of storage.

you may want to contact the support then…

Menu > Options > Support > Support

Was it the last one in queue that you removed? Can’t do that, it will be lost.

Why anyone has a shortage of recruits is beyond me though. Long time but very very casual player? I guess queues would run out after a long break

No my house isn’t producing recruits, and when i removed a tc 20 I didn’t get any recruits back… i had 6 more in the queue.

Thx, I contacted them but no response.

Are you completely sure you got your food back?

You don’t get anything back for final training withdrawal and probably with food at that limit you would have lost all in any case.

Should definitely have been a warning pop up but we don’t always read those properly and mistakes can happen.