Recruit me


Looking for an active alliance wars and at least 6* titans


Check out Undercity. We consistently kill 6* titans and can take down a 7* at times. We win about 75% of our wars. Have 16 points on our current war chest


We are fighting a 9* purple right now and are a very active, caring group.

Helios is the only word you need :slight_smile:


Check out ThePuzzleMastersFallout

We are a great group of people and could use a good daily player!


Brotherhood of XIII is fighting 8*titans, and has plenty of room. About 12 diamond level players, and plenty of chat.


Hey Tyler, I’m a co-leader of “Have Fun: Kill Titans”. We’d love to have you. We have 4 open spots. Our core of about 23 players has been stable and together for months. We need a few more solid people like yourself to help take us to the next level. We’re fighting mostly 7 star titans with some 6 & 8 thrown in



Super Titan Warriors 2 is currently looking.

We are fighting 7 and 8* Titans right now, with projections looking at us possibly getting into 9* sometime in the next month. We make sure to set minimum target rates when attacking Titans, and we also keep track of performance statistics on each one.

Alliance Wars we require the absolute most teamwork. Most everybody looks for someone else to tag up with before attacking to ensure that we are getting the most we can out of our flags. We discourage anyone from playing loan ranger.

Activity/Participation is monitored. Anybody who misses three events in a week are subjected to dismissal. If you know you are going to miss any event, proper notification makes you exempt from this.

Line is strongly recommend to have as our communcation heavily relies on it.

We always provide each other with guidance when it comes to the game wether it be getting the most out of our lineups/teams, how to attack or what hero’s to work on lvling up.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message.


The Walkers are a very good alliance I’m proud to be a part of. We are consistently killing 8* and 9* titans, and are currently fighting a rare titan. Great teammates to help others learn the game and progress. Check us out, we have one spot available!


Looking for one more to join our ZERO Family Alliance!


@Tyler - If you’re still looking for a home, feel free to drop by We Don’t Kneel for a visit. It’s currently set to open and requires 600 trophies.

We’re basically a US based alliance, but we do have members from around the world. English is required for chat, but it looks like you don’t have a problem with that :grinning:

Our titans are typically 7s and have started dabbling in the 8s. We love to play in Wars and are currently around a 60% win ratio. We’ve won the last 3 due to great participation and coordination on hits. It hasn’t been easy, but we got it done :tada: We’re looking forward to what looks to be a slightly harder team this round and are hoping for another 5 points!

Our alliance rules are very simple as we know RL can hit hard sometimes.

  1. You are expected to hit the titans.
  2. Participation in Wars is expected. We do have about 4 who have opted out of wars for various reasons. For example, 2 are still building their teams to a level where they feel they can be productive in the wars. This was their choice and is respected. All are encouraged to join in the fun, though :smile:
  3. If you’re going to be unavailable for the war, remove yourself from participating. Don’t put extra stress on those actually fighting because you’re not there.
  4. 14 days inactivity without a heads-up gets you booted. While some alliances have a much stricter limit, this was chosen for the times life hits (Sick child, phone crashes, etc.). We have very active members and the only time anyone gets even close to this is when they decide to quit the game without telling us. Typically, everyone is online daily, and in many instances, several times a day.
  5. Read chat as we often have a lot of good info in there.
  6. We like to keep chat rather clean as you never know who is reading it.

Feel free to drop by and check us out if you feel this could be the home for you. We’re the only alliance by that name. Hope to see you!


Like your alliance name!


Thanks! Says everything you need to know about us :rofl:


Do you have to understand the reference to join?


@princess1 - Absolutely not! :smile: But for reference, it’s a US thing where some athletes decided to kneel instead of stand for our national anthem. (It’s political. Not going further on that…) We stand for our country and flag. It’s also a double meaning as we don’t kneel in submission to any opponent or Titan. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hi there!

Will you be interested to join our alliance? Here’s the link for your reference

We fight 8~9* frequently n just manage to finish off a 10* titan. With your team in, we might be able to achieve hitting more big titan. We do have line as well if you want to have more in depth communication with great tips in both game & line apps

Feel free to check us out or ask anything before joining! Look forward hearing from you. :slight_smile:


Набор перед войной. Добро пожаловать.



You can check out “The bunny pit”, it is our training alliance and they are on 7* titans I think.
When we get a spot in our main alliance “Down the rabbit hole…”, we first check if there are people ready from “the bunny pit” to come join us. We are on 10 and 11* titans and ask for a high level of activity and at least 3500 tp (preferably a bit higher).