Recruit me, I'm extremely active and can contribute, I promise!

:pirate_flag: SKELETON CLIQUE [28/30] 12* Titans
We would be happy to have another active team mate.
We have 2 spots available, so bring your friend and help complete our alliance!

@downsay Gee it’s odd how different peoples benches are! There is so much diversity!

rohns war zone…killing 9-10* 2nd tier of harpoons…100% war flags used in wars…fun and helpfull alliance…BOTH are welcome…let me know i will take my alt out no problem

What’s your line id?

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Perfect fit for us… Oceano Ártico, we are part of the Oceano family, led by Oceano Pacífico.

We are located in Brazil, but we speak english, we have a player from California already.

We are currently defeating 11-12* titans and have a spot available.

Too late to throw my hat in the ring?

Hi Check our alliance, currently we hit 12* Titan sometimes 13*, we are fun and active, we have 1 spot atm, but we might have 1 open spot because 1 of our member might move to our crew family.
Here is our alliance name : Crew Squires Wardogz
Line : Kloster 31 or lagunz

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Good luck bro! Yeah with all these good options you have the luxury of doing research first!

Come and join Na Fianna Nua, one spot left. Nuff said.

@downsay hi todd
You are welcome to join us (the mvp)
We face 13*/14* titans and are looking for active players like yourself.

Check us out!
You can Line me if you have any question (Line: star150m)

If you’ve not yet made a choice, consider The Lumber Jacks.

We have room for two. We are a semi-competitive teaching alliance hitting 10-11 star titans.

We are English speaking and Very diverse, representing five continents and 14 countries. We are about evenly split, male/female and our leader is female. We are adults only and conversation occasionally gets a bit blue.

We don’t talk politics or religion and try to keep all drama away while being supportive and helpful.

We are LGBTQ+ positive and accept and respect all types of lovely humans who can get along and stab titans in the eye.

We’d had a couple retirements recently so we’d love to have you.

Sorry I am a bit late to the party and you may have already made your decision

But this right here:

Is who we are at Beacons!

Just a snapshot/example

We’d love to have you mate

If you are still in the market for a new home we have room for both of you in The Locker.

We are currently killing 10/11* titans and are just a few additions away from doing 11/12*.

War is optional and we do use a simple war strategy that is timezone friendly for our international members.

We do utilize Line which is also optional, all relevant information is passed thru the featured message.

If you are interested, I can be reached via Line at wolfwarrior66 or go ahead and join us in The Locker.

Hi there! We have an Alliance that is now down to 17 members. We had some members from B&H leave to start their own Alliance. They were a great bunch but my Co-Leader was at a point of growth where he wanted to start his own thing. Very proud of him but sad to lose so many.

War is required and we ask that you hit as many Titans as your real like schedule requires. No one in your Alliance will ever be ridiculed for asking a question or for feeling too “new”. We value player growth and strive to help each other be better players. We treat each other the way we would like to be treated. With respect and dignity. If you are interested look us up. We are Rockets Red Glare.

If we are fit for you, you have to decide! Anyway you are fit for us! And we really need you! So come and check us​:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Check out Drama Free Reboot . We would really like to have you and help you grow with us. We are a fun and friendly international alliance. Here is our ad for you. Try us for a couple of days I’m sure youll be happy with what you see.

This thread can please be closed as I have found a wonderful home. Thanks to everyone who showed interest!


come stop by, we teach and grow together, we got an inside man in beta, and we help when you need advice. Line pc229 and drop by for s visit!

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