Recruit harvester not working

Just activated my recruiter harvester (first time I have used one of these from POV)
1.yes it is activated according to my activity log.
2. I have even exited out and returned to the game.
3. I don’t have any other harvester going.
4. Yes I am completing season 1, but not seeing a 50% increase in recruits.
23-2 gave 7 recruits: 23-4 gave 9 recruits

What did those levels give you without the harvester? It’s not 50% more than the previous level, it’s 50% more than without the harvester.

If you didn’t check how many recruits you got before you activated the harvester, I’m sure that data is somewhere on this forum.

@BarryWuzHere is the one to ask…

some maps give you 5-7 recruits. if you got 5 - plus 50% rounded down will be 7. you really need to have more than one number to see if it is working.

Based on Barry’s data.
23-2 and 23-4: 0.857 x 7 (flag) = 5.9 recruits per-run (this is base without harvester)
So, basically in practice it can be around 4-7 recruits without harvester.
So with harvester it become around 6-9 recruits per-run, which is correct as your experianced.

That stage is very small recruits if we compare to 8-7 (the best) which is 3.00 per-flag.

3.00 (8-7) VS 0.857 (23-2 and 23-4)
That is a big numbers different.


Except for the first few provinces, recruits follow a N-1/N/N+1 pattern where N is the average amount and there is an equal chance of getting 1 more or 1 less, and no other results are possible.

Adding 50% could work a couple ways since the game never gives you half a recruit and there is more than one possible way to round it.

Looking at my data, N is 6 for both levels, meaning 5, 6, or 7 recruits are possible without the harvester.

Getting 7 and 9 as 50% more than 5 and 6 seems consistent with things working as expected. It just happens that those levels are horrible for recruits. (Like all the rest of S1 past 12-9)

Edit: I just read what @jinbatsu wrote and he pretty much beat me to the answer with a couple minor details different, probably because I have hundreds more hours staring at farming data :rofl:)


I got the same number of recruits as i did without the harvester.

Welcome to the forum @Sirtravis!

Screenshots would be helpful in this.

What level are you playing?

Have you checked your activity to make sure it was used?

There may be other questions, but this is a good start

Im at level 41 yes it was used world 1 level 23-9. I get between 7-10 recruits when i use a ticket. I got the same number when tbe harvester was used

All the harvesters have to be reconsidered imo. They are 5* items and almost useless.

I used them to fill elemental chests without collecting data, but the amount of whatever should be boosted stayed ridiculously low.

Would be much better, if the production was doubled for one day instead of increasing loot from stages, which you won’t play at all without harvesting.

I expected 5* items to be much more powerful.


Wow, you’re not kidding. These are easily the stupidest items in the game. So, if I do S1 9-1 for 3 WE each, I get about 2800 food with the 50% bonus. For my 50 WE (not even taking my time into account, BTW) I get about 47,000 food. That’s what? A couple hours of waiting for farms just being idle? The monster chest I filled doing it gave me 147,000 food alone. Don’t bother.


First off, farming the map has always been a small source of ham and iron for players with well developed farms and mines.

That these items don’t change that is to be expected.

As to the other comment — yes, they are a big disappointment, barely worth the bother of using. They certainly aren’t worth changing your farming for. I only used one from the last POV and I don’t even know if I’ll bother to use them. I might just hoard them in case there is a good use for them someday later.


The harvesters will continue to be completely useless as long as their effects are limited to season 1.

I can see using them as an added boost when I’m blowing through my WE flasks during Atlantis Rises, but otherwise they’re a complete waste of bytes and pixels. I agree that making them 5-star items is completely ridiculous.

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