Recruit harvester not working

Just activated my recruiter harvester (first time I have used one of these from POV)
1.yes it is activated according to my activity log.
2. I have even exited out and returned to the game.
3. I don’t have any other harvester going.
4. Yes I am completing season 1, but not seeing a 50% increase in recruits.
23-2 gave 7 recruits: 23-4 gave 9 recruits

What did those levels give you without the harvester? It’s not 50% more than the previous level, it’s 50% more than without the harvester.

If you didn’t check how many recruits you got before you activated the harvester, I’m sure that data is somewhere on this forum.

@BarryWuzHere is the one to ask…

some maps give you 5-7 recruits. if you got 5 - plus 50% rounded down will be 7. you really need to have more than one number to see if it is working.

Based on Barry’s data.
23-2 and 23-4: 0.857 x 7 (flag) = 5.9 recruits per-run (this is base without harvester)
So, basically in practice it can be around 4-7 recruits without harvester.
So with harvester it become around 6-9 recruits per-run, which is correct as your experianced.

That stage is very small recruits if we compare to 8-7 (the best) which is 3.00 per-flag.

3.00 (8-7) VS 0.857 (23-2 and 23-4)
That is a big numbers different.


Except for the first few provinces, recruits follow a N-1/N/N+1 pattern where N is the average amount and there is an equal chance of getting 1 more or 1 less, and no other results are possible.

Adding 50% could work a couple ways since the game never gives you half a recruit and there is more than one possible way to round it.

Looking at my data, N is 6 for both levels, meaning 5, 6, or 7 recruits are possible without the harvester.

Getting 7 and 9 as 50% more than 5 and 6 seems consistent with things working as expected. It just happens that those levels are horrible for recruits. (Like all the rest of S1 past 12-9)

Edit: I just read what @jinbatsu wrote and he pretty much beat me to the answer with a couple minor details different, probably because I have hundreds more hours staring at farming data :rofl:)


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