Recruit and Teaching Alliance?

I am hoping there is an Alliance out there that likes to help and teach new players. Decent roster and regular daily player. Just learning as I go so far. New to forum and already amazed at the level of help offered. Just picked a random alliance and although we win some wars, there’s no chat. I was expecting somewhere between NOTHING and ALL INACTIVE USERS WILL BE REPORTED TO THE POLICE!!! If there is someone out there who can help, I’d love to change if it’s a good fit.


Heaps of options here:

@ me when you’ve found a home and I’ll close this thread… Otherwise people will keep posting here for all eternity.


@RaysBoltsBucs The Old Curiosities Shop is a great Training alliance led by Exploding Toad, one of the best minds I’ve come across in the game.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Check out Team Nine! It is open to all levels and has an amazing, veteran leader. If you have the Line app, there are resources available including a shared chat with its parent alliance, Team Ten. We also invite players to move up when they are ready!

YE OLDE CURIOSITIES SHOP sounds like a great fit for what you are looking for. … Toad is a great teacher and with the other gang of misfits you will be on your way cruising your way getting epic Titan scores and learning the best strategies for war…They assist you with what you have and build up from there…There is also the ability to advancement in our other Shops as you grow for more challenges

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Hello RaysBoltsBucs
We have a training alliance called Loot Hunters Boot Camp. Currently has 21 members and slaying 6* Titans. Give us a peeek. Don’t believe you’d be disappointed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When you feel you’re ready, you can move up to our main alliance Loot Hunters

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If you are still looking, come visit us.

So the only thing that puts me off (and this is where naivity may be evident) is everyone else in the alliance is level 60,70,80 etc. Surely they are all established and I am gonna stand out as the noob???

Absolutely not! Some members are vets cooling their heels but ready and willing to share their knowledge and help anyone improve and grow!

Ye Olde Curiosities Shop is part of The Shops Franchise, one of the oldest in the game.

We promote from within, but we also move about the houses as needed.

Don’t be put off by it!

You can check us out. We are 7D Uprising, training alliances for 7D family. You can read more about us here and feel free to DM me in Line (yaninakk) or Discord (Alice in Wonderland#0523) to explain more

Thank you for the assist. All signed up and warmly welcomed - new member of YOCS. Gotta sort out Line but all good. Much appreciated bro.


Awesome! Welcome to the Shops Family!

Some of are vets are in YOCS to take a break from the grind…once you get a certain level it can get taxing…everyone in the Shop are there to help others grow and meet their potential…passing the torch you could say. It allows the Vets to still enjoy the game and do something useful at the same time.

Congrats on choosing your new home. May the boards be ever in your favor. @Guvnor i believe u may close this now. Ty.

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