Recover my account

Hello I have a problem I just change phone and I can not recuperate my account, I synchronize with Facebook and its does not change anything. Thank you for your help

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My account is Bwatha, I’m lvl 15, I created a guild named bwathland I have arapao, loulou and miyomisel I do not know my connection number I would just like to get my account. Thank you

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Please submit a new ticket here:

We would ask you to kindly attach the following details to the ticket:

  1. Exact player name of the account you’d like to recover
  2. Player experience level of the account
  3. The name of the Alliance you belong to, as well as your rank there
  4. Your new account identifier. You can find it in the bottom right corner of the screen during startup.

How long will it take to get my account back please
Thank you