Recording feature

Let’s say I just conducted a raid that went poorly or really well. I might want to “rewatch” it to get greater insight or to study it. Would it be possible to hit some kind of “save” button to be able to watch how it went down. I figure this might cost a lot of memory, but to allow maybe 1 or 2 in-game saved videos might not hurt things too much. I realize that some people automatically record (see the miriad of youtube videos), but I am a dinosaur and don’t have their equipment.

If u android user, search on and install apps on playstore called “du recorder” or u can find many apps that can record ur screen

iOS you can record any raids/war attacks and decide after if you want to keep it or delete it. I video the opening of every elemental chest to compare and get info for a few collecting data. It’s pretty simple to get on your utility screen.

Just go to control center under setting and click customize controls. Screen recording is there…:sunglasses:

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