Record for every star titan

In my profile my record is marked against 14* titan and now I’m in a smaller alliance and I have to be little careful with titans because I don’t wanna hit record against them.

The one in your player profile pertains to the strongest titan you and your alliance have defeated, reflecting the number of stars of that titan. But if you are currently in a smaller alliance facing low level titans, that appearing in your profile will not change anytime soon unless the current alliance you are in are able soon to battle 14* titans with more health than that specific titan appearing in your player profile. However, if you are referring to the highest titan damage, nobody will ever contest that such high score came from a high level titan or a low level titan.

Yes, I meant highest titan damage

Well, highest damage is still highest damage, regardless of the number of stars of the titan.

Yes, but if a record would set for every different star titan

I hit a 5* blue rare for 201k and a 538k total.

Then I woke up from the dream.

On your personal in game profile? Not a bad idea. :+1:

Everyone knows their best hit overall, as its listed and the player can probably remember what */colour it was, but on each * titan? Unless players are personally recording such things then those stats get lost.

Lol @Rohn.

Maybe you shouldn’t search the U-toob for big titan hits. Vids on there of players battering 14* for over 200k.

Unless you’re being sarcastic, in which case I apologise in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Were you playing when the rare Red Tiger Titan had a bug? Players one shotted the thing at over 3 million hp! LMAO. That’s a true story too.

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Facepalming on myself. Dumb me. I was just confused on the content of the OP. I thought you fear that your previous record from a high level titan would be erased by a far better hit on low level titan. LMAO. I get it now. You wanted to have our player profile contain a record of best hit per star titan. But it would fill up so much info in our already crowded player avatar as there are already 14 levels of titan, excluding their respective element, not to mention whether it is a regular titan or a rare one, right? SG may adjust it, but the text would be too small.

Some of the stats are redundant though. Why does it list the SH level? You can see that every 5 minutes when you pass through your base. Lol

Most powerful hero is pretty pointless too as players assemble lineups on synergy first, not just card rating.

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