Recommended TP for Frostmarch Increased?

HI, I couldn’t find any information on the recommended TP levels for rare quests, but someone asked in my alliance today if the levels for Frostmarch had gone up to 3200. They seemed to think it used to be on the 3010 - 3040 range. I know it makes no difference what the recommended levels are, but just interested if anyone knew if there had been a little ‘inflation’. Thanks.

I don’t think it’s been changed at all. 3200 should have no problem if the team is well designed.

The final boss has a defence debuff I think. So Rigard, Viv or Kirill can help with that.

Or just good old antidotes or turtle banners


Thanks for the quick response. I have actually finished it, so can no longer see the TP requirement, but my original question is simply if anyone has any data or evidence to show if there has been an increase in recommended TP or not.

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I completed it with a random team I threw together for farming. All maxed except Proteus (4-59).

Joon Bubby BT Sonya Proteus

It wasn’t too bad.

To be honest the TP is just a number. It doesn’t mean much if you go in with a well balanced team.

PS. I just wanted to use buddy for the first time. I like throwing presents at people and hurting them…


Again thank you for the quick response, but my question is not how to do it but maybe slightly more academic than that concerning the numbers.

I have amended the title to maybe make my question a little clearer.


Ah, sorry.

I don’t pay attention to know if they have or not.

Maybe it is inflation…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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The team power values of 5* and 4* were slightly tweaked a couple of months ago to assist with matching rosters for war. That’s the only change I’m aware of.

So a team that beat frostmarch previously would actually have a lower value now but be just as effective.


Looks like there’s a range up to 3400 for the very hard levels:

Here’s a link to all quest info! (Pic heavy)

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I don’t have proof screenshots, but rare quest suppose to be challenging enough. So team power of 3200 looks more appropriate than 3040.

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A gazillion, gazillion years ago it was 3150 power and the reward was a warm cape.

The current power and addition of a telescope, has been around almost forever.


Thank you for posting this information, I think that covers my question nicely!

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Bubby, lol. Good name.

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Put 5x green heroes and bring health pots and mana pots.

Bring along axe or bombs if required.

It’s not static. It varies. Next time it might be 3100… or 3300

It definitely varies. Looking up “Empires and Puzzles — frostmarch” on YouTube shows that the very hard level has been 3400 before but it has also been 3060

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Thanks for the research, appreciated.

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