Recommended Team Power for Provinces


The Knights of the Round alliance has been talking about it and thought that it would be a pretty good idea to be able to see what your team power should be around to beat the provinces similar to how it shows for the quests. What do you guys and the developers think about this?


I’m not sure how necessary it is, but it deffo might help the new player. The problem comes in that the team power needed to hit seems to be more of a guideline than an exact science… :wink:


Yeah we were mostly thinking that it would be a helpful guideline.


Has a guide like this been created? I’d like to get a sense of what level of heroes are needed for the last provinces, and how far I can realistically expect to get with my current team (power 2381, maxed 3*s, on map 18-9). I know team power is a very general measure, just a guideline. there are more important factors like hero abilities, tactics, item usage. etc. but still, a ball park of province recommended power levels would be good.


No guideline that I know of has been created for this purpose. Guys? Anyone else know?


What Providence give more heroes ?