Recommended team power for missions

Similar to how quests display a recommended team power, can that be added to the missions?

Do you mean the regular world levels? Missions are under the bottom icon like “reach sh20” (why not reach sh17 :thinking:). Not sure if it’s really needed as each is intended to increase difficulty as you move on, with a little bigger bump on the mini-bosses.

I believe that’s probably what the OP meant, in fact, I think I made similar suggestion a while back.

For newer players, the levels can go on very easy to quite challenging especially when the game does not make a distinction of what kind of hero the player has beyond the tutorials. So some players who were able to clear the first few provinces without much trouble may find themselves struggling around the Elite Enemies stages.

I would think it’s a good idea to implement, just so players can kind of gauge where their team power would need to be to move on.

In fact, I’d also like to suggest a little graphic showing the current wave number on the stage, like a little symbol showing 3/5 for 3rd wave of 5. Sometimes we spend a lot of time on a stage (ghosting, or sometimes dropped the phone and returned later), and lost track which wave we are on. A little reminder on screen would be nice.

Correct. Perhaps a screenshot would make the suggestion clearer. But next to each level in each province should be a number to indicate an approximate team power you should have before attempting it. The quests show that information already, so adding it here should be trivial.

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