Recommendation: Idle builder assignments

I think it would be great to have a use for idle builders, especially the 2nd VIP builder after your city is at max.

One possibility would be to assign them to various buildings in the city for a bonus:

mine/farm/tower, +10% resource production
forge/training camp, -10% build time

Any thoughts?



I believe SGG has planned on release more advanced buildings so they will find a use

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I think adding some use for builders once your base is maxed is a good one, and would encourage continued VIP subscription, which is good for SG.

A couple people have proposed ideas similar to yours:

As well as some alternative post-max VIP perks:

And a couple people have discussed/lamented the current lack of use for idle builders:

There’s also a compendium post of threads related to the second builder in general, which has a variety of ideas about improvements to the second builder:


No More Building, No More VIP?
So I finished my base a few months ago, every building at maximum, every upgradeable building maxed out. I dropped my VIP pass. 900 gems, 90 loot tickets, and 30 emblems doesn’t seem worth the cost. There are several good ideas on what idle builders could do, like become miners that occasionally find good chests, produce recruits or other resources, or increase the gem/loot ticket/emblem numbers for completed bases if they keep the VIP pass. Please do something. The numbers are close on the pass being worthwhile even with no building going on.

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Welcome to the fourm here another thread that might interest you there a vote button at the top too…