Recommendation: Idle builder assignments

I think it would be great to have a use for idle builders, especially the 2nd VIP builder after your city is at max.

One possibility would be to assign them to various buildings in the city for a bonus:

mine/farm/tower, +10% resource production
forge/training camp, -10% build time

Any thoughts?


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I believe SGG has planned on release more advanced buildings so they will find a use

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I think adding some use for builders once your base is maxed is a good one, and would encourage continued VIP subscription, which is good for SG.

A couple people have proposed ideas similar to yours:

As well as some alternative post-max VIP perks:

And a couple people have discussed/lamented the current lack of use for idle builders:

There’s also a compendium post of threads related to the second builder in general, which has a variety of ideas about improvements to the second builder:

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