Reclassify Loot Rarity


I’m sure that other players will note similar circumstances, so the numbers I’m about to list aren’t the focus:

I have nearly a hundred Dragone Bones, Meteor Fragments. (I know these are rare crafting mats so we’d be expected to need a larger amount to continue to produce higher quality items from the forge)

I have nearly 50 of the tall boots / Chain Mail shirts, etc.

But, like many, I’m struggling to find other 3 and 4* ascension mats. (side note, finally ascended Joon to final tier!)

So! Please recognize the fact that not all 3* items are anywhere CLOSE to the same level of rarity. If I’m understanding the current loot table analysis, every tier of loot from titans has designated slots (ie, food, ore, crafting mat, crafting mat, training mat, ascension mat, hero token wild card 1, hero token wild card 2, etc etc)

Please take chest/titan only loot out of the same rarity tier or slot as things that we have dozens of. Consider making things like Orbs / Cloaks / Trap Tools 5*, and things like darts, scopes, and tonics 6*.

The latter request is not really a huge change, it’s just sort of an acknowledgement that as currently set up, the loot tiers aren’t realistic.