Recently freed from p̶r̶i̶s̶o̶n̶ previous alliance, need a new home!

I have cookies and beer, but the cookies might be a lie…roll the dice and find out!

12 TP (toilet paper rolls)
4800+ TP (Team Power)
2 Pockets full of lint
2258 Cups (not red plastic, but raiding, was cup dropping for a good cause)
5 Unicorn horns…not sure where I got them, but I have them and they can be yours if you want them

Poach me now before I join an inactive Polish alliance where the last person active was 389 days ago!


Will try to nab.

Check out Coffee Haus, we have one open spot right now. All friendly active adults. No drama, negative vibes, or second job attitude. Experienced players levels 60-80, 2200+ cups. Do check us out.

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Thanks. I have broken into your home, sitting on your couch as we speak!

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If you’re still looking around check out Hogwarts Castle. We are casual. We prefer you to use your war flags if you’re opted in. We like you to hit the titan. But we totally understand that real life needs to come first before a game.

Feel free to swing by and check us out.


You can always give De Raptors a shot. Got a space for you ripe for the picking. We love forum dwellers so you can learn and teach at the same time.


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Wow, the previous alliance must be so bad that you could equate them to prison

I love your subject line! I am happy so far at Casual players club+ “Be nice, have fun, play what you want when you want. New members welcome! Members +30 days inactive will be cleared out.” Works for me! After the most recent clear-out we have about 11 members: Leader at level 54, Elders at levels 35 and 44. Frequently active members at levels 6 thru 55.

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Nobody expects the inactive Polish alliance!

Sounds like you have all the supplies we need, beer, toilet paper, pocket lint. Who could ask for more?

We actually have red Solo cups to go with the beer if you bring a ping pong ball. Someone lost it during our last beer pong tournament (that was me, actually).

We offer a sarcastic sense of humor, offensive memes, a lot of curse words and we sometimes remember to stock the snack cupboard. With real, name brand snacks that are totally not from the dollar store.

Come check out Shop After Dark.

Adults only, Line required.


EAST OF THE EQUATOR is a family of 5 alliances. We have 1 spot open on east.
We have a very extensive library of game tips for you to use.
Hit that link and let’s chat.

Library is yours to keep and use rather you decide to join us or not. ITS FREE

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