Recently change alliance ... when titan stars get better?


hi there … we recently form a new alliance because our leader went MIA and we wanted to shake off the dead weight. We managed to start with 19 of the original players and that meant we are pretty strong . But I was not aware that we have to start battling 1* titans again … We put a rule of get only 1 hit per member to give all the same shot to get some loot … but is almost a week and they keep coming 1*. There is something we can do to speed up this ? or of what depends how strong the titans appear? the cup count helps?

tnx in advance .


We did the same thing about 5 months ago with about 20-25 moving over and if I remember right it was about 1-2 weeks before the Titans started getting bigger and now we’re back up to 7*-8* Titans if this helps any.


tnx Oniahlater! that gives me perspective on the time frame … but I still want to know on what depends that type of titan you get …if anyone can tell me.


It seems to me that after killing N* titans for 4-5 days you’d progress to (N+1)*. When they escape, the decrease in stars is more abrupt. There’s some randomness about when the stars increase/decrease.
4-5 days is just my estimation, I didn’t pay attention to it.


A recent new alliance went from 1 to 9*'s in 3 weeks. It’s not that long of a stretch.

I don’t think there’s any way as the titan spawns don’t appear to be either by cup value or time domain, just whack them, suck up the suck part of starting a new alliance, and eventually you get through it.

That new alliance did the whole one hit rule thing too, also in their case they said if you want to Merc till we get back to reasonably leveled titans, go for it. Seems to have worked pretty well actually.


tnx guys for your reply … much appreciated !