Recent update


The recent update says I am not in an alliance. When I look up my alliance I can’t get back into it. It is a invite only and we are a full alliance. Won’t let even request to be a member.


This has happened to a lot of people, reboot the game and everything should be set right


It doesn’t not work. I have tried everything


Hmm, rebooting has seemed to work for everyone else, try rebooting your device. You’ll probably see yourself still on roster of the alliance. If rebooting device doesn’t help, I’d contact support.


Not everyone else, I too have restarted the game and rebooted my phone and can’t get into my alliance. :confounded:

Tried rebooting more than once too.

And yes, the alliance list still has me on it.


Have you updated the game? That would be the only other thing I can think of before contacting support.


Yes I have. But in their response they asked me to re-boot the phone, wait five minutes, then see. And it did sort itself out. Seems it just needed time to think about it I guess. LOL


I have tried that also uninstalled nothing is working. I would hate to be
booted from the alliance


It’s been discussed elsewhere on the forum today. The advice was to log-out and log back into the game.

Barring that, I’d contact customer support.


If you go look up the Alliance are you still on their list?