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Hello everyone! First post on here, though I’ve been reading the forum for awhile. Up until the most recent Atlantis event, my red path was pretty clear: I was 5 lvls from maxing Scarlett, then I would finish Wilbur whom I had just ascended to lvl 4. After that I would tackle Azlar, since I had all the mats, and lastly do Lancelot. These were all the reds I had. Then I did two 10x pulls in Atlantis (trying mostly for Seshat…massive fail, still bitter, don’t want to talk about it) and it was like the entire red hero roster carpooled to my inventory. In walked Boldtusk, Gormek, Ares, Sumitomo, Kelile, Elena, Khagan, and Colen. Where on earth do I start? Since I have the mats, I’m thinking about doing Ares after Wilbur (since I lack a top o the line tank) but I am open to suggestions!


I would say Ares, Azlar, Elena, Boldtusk. In that order

4* - BT first of course

5* - Ares if you want a tank or Azlar for offense (BTW he also works as a solid tank in platinum)


Hey @DarkMatter, welcome to the forums.

1st off if you don’t have several maxed rainbow 4* teams, stick with the 4* heroes.
Even if you do BT and Wilbur are top notch. Gormek is solid as a tank plus his D down is very helpful and Scarlett hits like a truck and her dodge after emblems gives her a bit more survivability.

It’ll be much quicker for you to level up a few 4* teams than 5*. Learning that the hard way SUCKS

I’m guessing, considering the heroes you are working on that you don’t have a decent stable of leveled 4* (forgive me if I’m wrong, I am a lot)
4* are the bread and butter of E&P and will get you much farther than a couple of almost leveled 5*. Think Alliance wars and class quests. Get a few solid 4* teams under your belt, you have many good ones, then start messing with the 5*

But if I’m wrong and you are loaded on 4* finish Scarlett, BT and Wilbur. Then Ares as you Red Tank. If you still manage to have the mats left then Azlar, who is a decent stand in at Tank for awhile.

Thanks guys! I have Scarlett maxed now, with Wilbur close, then I will start on BT with a smattering of support for Ares (for those times I get impatient!) as it sounds like he is a pretty good tank.

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