Recent decrease in elemental chests?



Thanks for your data.

Yeah, I know statistics; which is why I came here for more data. The overall consensus seems to be that there has been no decrease.

People will complain no matter what, but it does seem that the AVERAGE if you pay to skip chests is a little less than one colored chest a week.



I am wondering about frequency. I barely fill 1 monster chest per day in my alt’s account, and a hero chest maybe once a week, yet have been having an elemental chest every 2 weeks.
My main account fills at least 2 monster chests per day and 1-2 hero chests, and it gets elemental chest every 3 weeks - 30 days


It’s totally the randomness of this game. I’ve seen 15 chests and almost 60 chests (completed) result in an elemental chest. 30-40 seems to be the closest thing to normal for me.