Recent decrease in elemental chests?

Has anyone else noticed a decrease in the amount of colored elemental monster or raid chests lately?

I usually use the maximum daily amount of skips a day and was getting 3 or 4 a month for a while.

Lately I’ve been lucky to get one or two.

Thanks for any input!

My perception is that ascension items go up and down randomly in the various sections I can get them:

  • Titan loot
  • Wanted chests
  • Rare Wanted chests
  • Rare Quests
  • Mystic vision
  • War loot

Because of the cycling of loot that naturally seems to happen, I just hunt for loot in all these places, to make sure I get as much as I can.

The only section that gives “guaranteed” ascension items (2) is Rare Quests.


I track them for my account and still well within the normal ranges I see.


Yeah, same here.

They definitely add up over time.

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Thanks for the intel!

No problem (twenty characters)

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I’m still getting them every week to ten days or so. Had a wonderfully ironic fire chest today - sturdy shield and mysterious tonic inside.


I skip two, three times a day but mostly monster chests because I’m a lazy raider and it takes me over a week to fill up the raid chest


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Cool. Thanks for the feedback guys! @Paulon @suntanglory

Hey,i usually skip the wait times whenever i can…i get an elemental chest at 7-8 days

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I thought that I had to be 2 monsters and 2 de raid in the day, as you say you can do 4 of monsters in the day and count the same?

If you pay gems you can skip the wait time for the chests

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DontBlink is correct,by spending gems you can skip the waiting time,you will not recover the gems you spend…even with the 30/40 gems reward,but you have the chance of obtaining ascension materials…
But it will be well worth it if you get a epic hero or troop token


In total per week should be 28-29? Regardless of the type of chest?

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It’s what I did a month ago, but I was doing 2 monster boxes and 2 raid boxes every day, only it’s easier if you can 3 monster chests and 1 raid chest

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Yeah, I find the monster chests easier to fill so I tend to only skip those


I do not know if it happened to them but this week they do not arrive as often as before, will they modify it?

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I think if you’re skipping chests you should get about one a week; maybe slightly less than that

Nobody can know but I‘m pretty sure they didn‘t change anything. Start tracking your chests and you get a feeling for outliers. And

you should get about one a week

Those statements are the reason for complaints and stuff. People start expecting a chest once a week when they start skipping. But thats just wrong and a rough estimation that never has to happen.
Track your chests yourself and you will get a feeling for how often it occurs.

Thats my tracking:
April 1/10/25 Mai 2/8/12/18/21 June 1/10/18
July 1/12/16

No decrease to be seen…

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Maybe this time it does not appear every week, I’ve been 11 days still jumping normal (took two months and every week appeared) and still does not arrive, I’ll keep waiting

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