Recent AutoPlay AI change

I’ve watched thousands of AutoPlay farming over nearly two years. I always laughed at its inability/unwillingness to form dragons and diamonds unless by ‘accident’. It appears that the AI has now been taught how to form dragon matches. It doesn’t choose that move every time, but far more than it ever used to.

Example (pardon the lame graphics but I’m not going to spend 20 minutes making pretty pictures):


Previously, the AI would always move row 4 up to row 3, making a match of 3. Now, I have seen it form dragons much more frequently.

Still a long ways to go, but thought I would mention this.


Really. I don’t think they changed autoplay. I just cannot believe they did something in favour of free to play players.


we should see it in next AR farming (also next event) if the time shortens

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I can’t believe they would have done so intentionally. Maybe it was a side effect of some other change. But the AI is playing slightly different now.

I’ve noticed it did a much nicer job of auto troop selection for a while but that seemed to go with the last update. I could also be totally delusional…

Over a year ago I pointed out that the auto troop selection went by rarity over TP. A few months ago they changed it to go by TP, although in case of a tie it’s using the wrong one (IMO). I have not seen any further changes since then.

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