Recent Android Issues

I am posting this for my friend who is Indonesian and has limited English skills.
Recently he has had as others on Android issues with the game.

He tried to update the game among other things to solve his issue but to no avail.
So he uninstalled the game in order to go to the playstore and download it again but since then he is unable to log in into his account.
It always only gives him the option to “create a new account”

So I would like to ask the community on how to proceed from here on.
Any e-mail of SG that he can contact directly to support that can help to sort out the issue he has been having?
Or anything else…
Any input is appreciated.

Thank you

Are they aware of the recent issue that plagued many Android users a couple of days ago?

Google fixes issue causing Android apps to crash with updates to Chrome and WebView - The Verge

It’s possible that your friend has not yet gotten the most recent fix for that issue. I would tell them to see if there are any updates available for either Google Chrome or Android System Webview, and try updating those.

EDIT / ADDITIONAL: After reinstalling the game, your friend will also need to manually add their Google Play account back into the game after completing the starting tutorial (annoying, I know, but there is no way to skip the starting tutorial on a new device as far as I know - and uninstalling / reinstalling will have the game looking at your phone as a “new device” even if you already had the game on it before).


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