Recent activity shows random (and lacking) parts of loot

I went to check once more my Mythic Titan loot from recent activity, and noticed that it showed only partial loot. The alliance loot was missing altogether, and the other two boxes were not showing everything I remembered getting. Then I noticed that when I repeatedly opened the recent activity listing the shown loot was changing. Not every time, but anyway sometimes it showed different parts of total loot. Below are three screen captures taken from supposedly same loot in few minutes time span.

Take 1:

Take 2:

Take 3:

(“Paras vaurio” is best single hit (5%) and “Kokonaisvaurio” is total damage (1%). The alliance loot was in top 1000 category and does not show up at all.)

If you joined your alliance too late you miss the related rewards. Other than this It’s curious how random the prizes appear

I have been 27 days in the same alliance (since the last short “titan hunt” leave). And the original loot popup showed also the alliance part. It it just no more showing up in recent activity.

I think I checked the recent activity quite soon after the original loot popup, and I suppose all was well back then. Now about 8 hours later it is quite random and severely lacking…

After playing a few map levels I checked the recent activity again and now it shows it supposedly correctly:

I have two theories:

  1. Either the servers had some problems synchronizing data, i.e., temporary glitch which sorted itself out,
  2. or then the problem was related to Mythic Titan loot showing up partly before and partly after the “Show more” button in the listing. After playing the map stages all Mything Titan loot was clearly after the first gap, i.e., showing up only after first “Show more” press. Maybe the “paging” of recent activity list is somehow broken?
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