Recension of speach?

Tell me something moderators: I understand why words like ■■■■■■■ “■■■■” and so on can’t be used in internal msgs, but why 4/55, couse I was telling what lvl my hero is at, can’t be? Are you some freaky religius game???

Had that too, got an explanation by teammate, forgot the explanation :smile:

Tell me again why ‘bad’ english words can’t be used??? We can swear freally in any language we can!!!

I think the explanation going around is that it’s a common workaround to type the word a.s.s. :scream:

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Why the hell can’t we swear in english if we want??? And something else, every game in the world uses smiles, why don’t you???

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You can swear in chat if you change your language setting to anything other than English, and there is a chat emoji list too :wink:

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For me those are real Bugs!!!

Swear as much as you want too, just can’t be seen :smile:

I don’t care about emoji list, I know it why isn’t it implemented???

That is a serious bug for me!!!

And disable all recensions ingame, please!!!

Mostly ‘bad’ words are used in a positive way, rarely in bad use! So that’s a BUG for me and everyone too!!!

Tried it with different languages, didn’t work :thinking:

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What did you try? :thinking: :thinking::thinking:

And this, minimum of 20 characters??? Are younuts, do I have to write Why seven times?

Have seen people mention this before, not sure what the hiccup is but they kept trying different languages until it worked. Far as I know it did eventually work.

In enlgish it never works, what ever you try, and part of my slovene language is using english for fun! And since many words can’t be used it sucs…that’s a BUG for us!!!

Not mentioning 4/55, what’s up with that???

I’m from Vienna anyway, just tried and can type every insult in German in my English speaking alliance :smile: not that I do or care, just have too much time :rofl:

Jeah, as I said, you can swear in any languagr, but in english, what the hell is up with that???

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