Receiving troops

Please help. I am not receiving troops I earned by completing stages and bosses. Does any one know what I might be able to do?

The troops go to a separate place than heroes, and there are two ways to see them:

First, you can go to inventory (I know, a weird place for them). New troops should be indicated.

Second, if you have already built a barracks, you can view troops from there as well, though new ones aren’t indicated as such:

And if you already knew all of that, I’ve informed you of nothing new, and your troops truly aren’t showing up in either place, then perhaps something is truly wrong. If that’s the case, you should report it to Support through the game app under the Settings menu.


If you don’t know how to build a barracks then just get any building to lv5 then convert it into barracks.

PS: Your SH must be lv10.
PS2: Use lv5 Forg.
PS3: Use the :lock: icon on your troops cards to avoid feeding them by mistakes.
PS4: Keep all 4☆ troops and 3 of each color 3☆s.
PS5: You can see the troops also in your inventory.
PS6: :unlock: icon on troops and heroes you must :lock: them for god sakes.


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