Receiving new epic characters

When spending 2600 gems to get characters you should get at least 5 new characters

I wanted to say just “ok” but since I must write at least 20 characters Ill try again, ok.

What if there aren’t 5 new characters?

Why 5? Why 2600?

I think that isnt enough! We need more!
I demand we get atleast a chance of 10x different characters with every 10x pull!


The word chance is so apropos! :grin:

Well I’m just starting and I seem to see an abundance of repeat characters
I would think that they would keep us happy they would change this

Gem purchases are what drive this games econony.
If you got garanteed unique characters with every 10x pull you would soon have all the heros in the game if you spend some cash (which alot of us do).

What would generate revenue after your hero saturation?

Not trying to be snippy, but I’m fairly certain this is a game parameter that will never change.


While I agree that any guaranteed character you didn’t have would be nice, I also think that people forget about the benefit of repeat characters, some large, some not so much.

On the low scale - hey, eating the same character increases your special chance to 25%. That’s been helpful in leveling 3*'s who can be very challenging to get max specials on.

On the moderate scale - two of the same high powered character may be a great strategy for raids, titan battles, etc. I somehow got two Jackals during the last event. Want to know how much damage two level 70 jackals do on a dark titan? Spoiler: it’s a shi*t ton.

On the high scale - the challenge events. Never has a 3* become more valuable since they started those. Before the challenge events I failed to appreciate diversity of heroes and what you can use them for and more importantly HOW you use them. I was so stupid and naive at the time, but guess who got a Gormek and fed him to Ares, because, well, why would I use a 4* over a 5*? Well, it’s pretty obvious now that was dumb as I carried 2 3* into the intermediate level last time.

Look, I am sure some people have no use for duplicates at this stage. But I think that a lot of people (myself included) don’t think creatively enough about what to do when cursed with duplicates.

One twist to your complaint, however, would be (and it’s implied at 2600 gems) is that there should be a little kicker if you spend money. You can get to 2600 gems playing for free (it’ll take a while), but if you pump actual cake into it it would be nice to have a better chance of getting something useful, which could include duplicates. There’s a lot of ways to do it (epic offers, a bonus epic pull, etc.) - doesn’t have to be any guarantee.


I do appreciate all of you guys giving responses to my complaints I also
appreciate the strategies that you guys are telling me about cuz I do like
the game maybe one day I can become allies with one of you big shots


We’re all little shots that play hard. :wink: