Receiving 2 rewards at same time

Hello i’m from the netherlands. I defeated my titan and recieved eg a summon however at the same timy treasure chest was full(titan) and i should also receive the rewards of that. I received one summon and only received rewards for one “victory” . This happend before and i thought at first that i was wrong but now i know its not. This happend appr. 18:26 / 18:28 evening Amsterdam time. Monday september 25th.

If you should receive rewards at the same time then you receive only one. You should recieven both rewards one of defeating a titan and one for the treasure chest of the titan. I only recieved one and I saw both passing buy. Fir example I could collect only one summon.

I can only save one print screen

If you saw the Titan rewards, I believe you received them. I often click too fast out of the Titan rewards screen, but I always get the rewards promised.

Sorry NOPE . Because I didn’t had the change to collect them. I tried to collect the treasure chest of titans and the reward of the victory of a titan. That one appeard on same time when I selected “collect”. After that I saw only one summon in stead of 2. And also received gems for one victory. When the rewards are passing by on that moment you cancollect them. When the titan victory also appears then you only receive one victory award this happened twice now and first I thought I was incorrect but now iT happened again and I really watched iT how iT happened. I selected both almost same time and only received one.
This is a bug for a situation that probably does not happen often.

In that case I would contact SG directly (with screenshots if you have them), explaining the situation and—I know this sounds weird, but trust me—tell them the day and time it happened, with the timezone, in case that helps them run down the glitch.

Flunky, are you sure, that you got a summon token for both? You don’t get one for every titan or every chest, as well as you don’t get every time the same amount of gems. So this could be an easy explanation for having only one token after you got both rewards.

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I think, thats the thing, Flunky expected summon tokens and Gems on every chest.
But that’s not guaranteed. Sometimes you can get a couple of tokens in one chest (or for the mystic video) and sometimes you get only food and iron. And nothing more. No token, not items…

Hi alaine . Yes I know. And Yes i’m sure I saw Them passing by
I Will use the link to sent a bugreport