Received only summon stone for completion of legendary challenge event

Hey. I received more for completing the rare challenge quest than I did for legendary. This is AFTER the challenge was finalized… the rewards for THAT. I did get rewards for completing the legendary challenge but I’m talking about after the challenge was over, the rewards there.

Here’s a screenshot. I did NOT finish the epic challenge, so I should have gotten 3 basic summons just for completing one stage which I did… but as you can see, I only received one extra reward for completing rare quest but nothing for legendary

I realize you can’t see my stages but I cant even see my stages at this point.

Don’t worry, I fully expect no one from E&P to respond to this and fully expect this thread to be merged or closed with no help. Thanks for nothing in advance.

What tier did you expect to be in?

If you are in the lowest tier, the reward is a single token I believe.

Maybe tone this down a little to encourage more positive responses :slightly_smiling_face:


Whilst you can’t see stages anymore. You can still see what your rankings were. If you send screenshots of those, we can check whether you got the correct rewards.

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As Bard says for the final tier in each its a single silver token.

The next one up in Rare is a World Flask and a silver so my guess is you finished Rare in the 2nd from bottom bracket and got the World Flask and Silver and then in Epic and Legendary you got the bottom tier and got a Silver token for each.

Your loot looks right from your explanation


Sorry to tell, but you are wrong.

On the lowest ranking you get ONLY 1 silver coin on each stage… it seems you got a better ranking on rare and you got 1 WE and 1 silver token.

So the lot is correct 1 WE and 3 silver coins… one coin for rare, one for epic and one for legendary

you can see it:

best regards

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I get it you are angry, but how does this help?

From what you’re saying you got something like this:
RARE - second last tier: World Energy Flask + Silver Token + (I can’t be 100% sure) 10 Arrow Attacks + 10 Healing Potions.
EPIC -last tier: Silver Token
LEGENDARY - last tier: Silver Token

Don’t worry, your ranks in time will get better.


I completed Legendary.

I understand you did complete both Legendary and Rare, but it depends what rank you managed to get also. Can you provide your rank and score?


You would have gotten the completion loot at the time and that will be in your log.

However if you ended up outside the top 100,000 you get a Silver token as reward. Might not seem amazing but the prize for completing it is the emblems and other loot.

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