Received no points at all for raid defense

On day 1 of this week’s tournament I attacked five times and won all these:

The points received and shown above sum up to 3416 as is shown here:

I also have been attacked once, but I do not seem to have gotten any points for this - neither 900 for grade A (won 1 out of 1 on defense) nor those 500 for grade C (no attacks on my defense):

I took the above pictures on day 2 of the tournaments before using any flags.
The clock shown in the second picture displays 23h 5min to the next tournament day. The timestamp in the third picture (where I have been attacked) shows “2 hours ago” and it jumped to that “2 hours ago” just before I took the screenshot. So, I must have been attacked just about 5 minutes before the first day of the tournament ended.

Can it be the case that there is a bug if a player is attacked before the tournament day ends but that attack finishes only after the day has already ended?

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Points from defence are added at the end of tournament.

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Defence points are added every single day, since ever!!!

@Thoran , I suggest you to reboot the app.
If you still don’t have the defence points, it is a big bug!

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No they are not, it was never a thing.

I currently have 64xx points after loosing 2 fights, I’m getting around 700 points for fight so if I would won every fight I would have 78xx points.

People on leaderboard have around 8k points what is ~200 more than I would have and thats because they have stronger defences so they are getting stringer enemies = more points

It was like this always, there is no bug

Few maths:

701 + 705 + 709 + 702 + 695 + 688 + 681 = 4881
But I have 5781 points!!

Where do the missing points come from???

Maybe I have an idea…

8K is 710 * 10 + 900 .

Do you think that the first players collected more than 800 points for each raid?

@Radar1 double check your point…



@Jigen is correct. The raid tourney defense score is added daily. I also previously made that erroneous assumption that it would be added after the raid tourney concludes on its final day. Check your total raid hits. You will notice that your total points would be much higher than that.

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This is not correct - they have always been added after every day in the tournament, depending on your grade that very day.

I just checked again … and now I’m at 4316 points (i.e. I received 900 points for 1/1 battle on defense on day 1). Perhaps it took the server a while to compute the overall total.

So, no bug, no nothing - seems I was just too impatient :wink:

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My bad, I was sure that points where only added last day


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