Received 9 heroes instead of 10 from TC

Few days ago I did my usual x10 pull from TC20 for my two alts but the one only gave nine. I know it’s not a mistake on my part because I keep a sheet and the two accounts have been running on the same schedule for months now.
I post because a few members reported a similar bug but couldn’t give specific detail. This one is quite clear though. Anyone else?

Previously, when people reported similar issues, the screenshots showed that there was a small x2 by some of the heroes indicating a duplicate. Could this be the case?

Do they show in in your activity log?

If it’s definitely an error, best to send an in game ticket so hopefully it gets fixed.


Hey Jonah. Too far back unfortunately. The x2 shows up in recent activity but I doubt they display like that when the window pops up with the tally. I didn’t record that pull but did the one for the other alt right after because of that. It dropped two Jahangir and displayed both separately in the order they spawned.
I merely posted because someone else mentioned the same & then a few others followed suit.
I checked history that same night but can’t recall seeing a x2, then again, I can’t say for sure, so it is possible, but the main window definitely only had 9.
I guess we’ll never know, too lazy to open a support ticket. Thx for the reminder though, I’ll pass it on :slight_smile:


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