Recap of my first year in Empires

Hello to all fellowship of Empires

Surprisingly as such, I’m complete the significant mark of journey in Empires. The 1 year anniversary :joy: by end of August, actually first download on middle of the month but I’d like take it as introduction phase.

The fact that I never thought would seriously last this long, never been fan of gem match game by any meaningful way. When my journey in Empires begin I just bored of my racing scene with lot of change and try to find something different thus in the end I didn’t leave my racing game.

Main reason is advertise that put on my racing game for something like 2 months, those Elena and Richard advert glow on me, only if I would start earlier maybe I could grab Gravemaker with legendary of beginner luck :sweat_smile: I start on Drake and didn’t get him till his return on Atlantis and he (and GM) already be like my forever enemy.


The Good
Alliance and Active Members, this is the most part that hold me back from several chances to quit I think I have little bit of luck I found good friends in my first alliance and together we’re still playing till today with couple of move from alliance to another, and found few others great fellowship in other alliance over the course of my separated journey as well.

The Bad
It has lot of itching but the most annoying to date is gruesome 3 gem matches and off color cascades that pull triggers on defense special and end up in zero kill each raid flag, which I’m rather upset especially like 3 more to closing raid chest, each one more hour late is not funny.

The Ugly
Multiple layers of RNG, will you get the hero (that you really wanted), when you get the require materials (since guaranteed quest will take ages) and then hopefully you get at least manageable board :thinking: and soon to be release costume will add another more layer. That’s kinda meh!!!

It should’ve been one hard one tolerable, currently double hard scheme is pain the ■■■.


Overall Progress
I think I doing averagely fine on most part.

About 125 Days I completed the first ever guaranteed material quest, that was roughly a week before Christmas’18 follow-up by Christmas normal level, but too early to grab to goodies on advanced side (still 2 missing avatars).

So the first ever completed monthly quest happened in the first introduction of Wonderland and later in April for Springvale Tournament mark as the first completed seasonal quest. I rigorous looking forward to upcoming Halloween and Christmas’19. On April in a bridge to quit, I did missed couple of guaranteed mat as well.

Campaign Season 1 was cleared few days before end of Sand Empire’19 (for ETH), too slow and lazy I can say because I ducking around 8-7 all day and night for several months, I take this farm stage as testing ground on new heroes, little bit of bored but still tolerable. Atlantis progress so far 24/1 normal and 60/270 hard

I thought all those recruits already in decent amount and 4000+ backpack has been stock before Atlantis Rises but once TC2 start it deplete both backpack and recruits :rofl: something alike 150 days deduction from TC11 to queue up 24 days in TC2. Also used to have decent amount of backlog in TC20 for 350+ days in May but TC1/2 eat them insanely fast, as of today backlog only 160 days remaining.


About three month from late August to third week of November, I learn to fight with 2-4* and then me and my friends move up from half dead alliance to active alliance and fight with titan size of 7* and up to 10* in January (albeit only one time) but regularly 8-9* till I move on with next alliance over the course of four month still hang on 7-8* tier decently.

In July with my sixth alliance, approximately of 329 day active I lucky enough to hang out with really good folks and team up with them killed 11* rare type of couple time, really fun and insane experience. But life happens I move on currently rejoin with my friends from first alliance and kill 8-9*. Total titan kill 309 out of 393 active day, titan last shot 21 and best titan still at 85K on 8* and highest 11* rare 47K hit.

Approximately Day 122, by mid December I put my feet on Platinum rank for the first time and hang around till 270 active day before break into Diamond arena. As of this weekend about 393 active day I get through top 100 for the first time. (possibly thanks to influence of full micromoon). Total win in my 12 months currently around 3500 mark, and 15 win streak never done cup dropping scheme. That’s the reason why I hate of zero kill flag.


Roster Upside
This is where I have the most mixed feeling although it seem growing decently overtime.

Didn’t take long to get my first 4*, I was start spending dime as fast as two weeks and get Sumitomo, like meme first Chao oh nice… second third fourth fifth of him oh :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Sumitomo help me get through stages / titan / raid / quest decently first 4-5 months but when roster expand vanilla heroes like Scarlett has put in more use than him.

I think it has kinda some sort of head start with only 68 Days, I acquired the first 5* Domitia but lack of material to ascend her past 2/60 for so long, got her in late October but her third ascend took place in March’19 when I was worked on Proteus and Tiburtus maxed before her. Anyway I think I will fast track her to final ascend before Sartana (madness I know!) because I need to reinforce stronger Rogue quest while I have few good hands Wizard (unless Purple Powerhouse from Atlantis appears from the portal)

I can count those happy pull within my fingers, because it rarely happens but the most happiest pull was in October, Proteus. It was doubt about him because I was chase for Natalya but it turn out be the most precious out of any pull to date. Follow by Miki and Wilbur respectively.

First HotM, actually I was given up from August’18 spending here and there as C2P the most wanted Evelyn slip away without any good left on table aside of second Boldtusk in three months :thinking: I was aimlessly pull in January after full six disappointed months, it began with Hawkmoon and Onatel pop-up after. (:sweat_smile: just pushed Orbs for Hu Tao as my first active alliance run yellow tank)

19 are total 5* accumulate in full 12 months
Three HotM
[Onatel, Seshat and Miki]

Three from Free Pull
[Domitia, Miki from EHT] and [Poseidon with Atlantis Coin]

Two from Paid Gem
[Lianna and Azlar]

Twelve from TC20
[Lianna, Richard, Magni, Sartana Domitia and Elena are among leading pack]

Ascended / Maxed
Purple : Proteus, Tiburtus, Rigard, Sabina
Yellow : Hu Tao, Jackal, Wu Kong, Li Xiu
Green : Buddy, Melendor, Caedmon
Blue : Triton, Kiril, Grimm, Sonya, Cap Diamond
Red : 2xBoldtusk, Sumitomo, Gormek, Scarlett, Wilbur

Just pull trigger 5* final ascend today as of typing… :smirk:, I’m not that much hurry!


Roster Downside
Insanely waiting of Rigard or any 42% healer for totally of 7 months, seriously?

Another insanely wating of Wilbur for totally full 11 months, the second most wanted!

Wu Kong took about 9 months for his first appearance on my roster.

That’s all, I think.

PS1, sorry for a lot of blabber :rofl: and English is not my native.
PS2, I’m very good at cup donation too, maybe see you in raid!


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