Rebuilding mlMega Supreme Alliance >>Desert Dashers<<

The alliance >>Desert Dashers<< is looking to add players to our alliance. We are rebuilding our alliance; players who were not pulling their weight were booted so we could make room for you to join. We are battling an 8 star titan at the moment. Our chat is always active since we are an English speaking alliance with members from around the globe. Players looking to join must have 6 teams minimum and must participate in all wars, Titans and events. Players looking to join also must be mega awesome, we don’t want no lames, free loaders, whiners, complainers, easily offended little b*tches, or people who make excuses.
So if you like to win, sin, and grin join >>Desert Dashers<< today. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back

As a suggestion, you might want to add the level of titan you are hitting too. GL with recruitment :innocent:.

Great sales pitch :wink:.

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Thanks I added it. I’m new to recruiting so any and all advice is appreciated. Thank you

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I don’t know many who will persist with a wall of text. This link on formatting might be useful Formatting Forum Posts (How to use Markdown/BB Code)

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