Reborn still attacking after they are beaten

On level 7 legendary of Pirates of Corellia Marie-Theresa’s special activated just before I killed her. Onatel activated the mana steal and even after I killed the reborn it continued to attack me even though it was already dead. I suspect that because there was a whirlwind around where the reborn used to be it had something to do with Onatels mana steal.

Did it actually do “slash” damage or was it the DoT that is inflicted by Zombies?

The bite marks that look similar to grey manes kept attacking for several turns. I assume that is the slash damage

the “Bite Marks” are the zombie’s special skill attack.

Perchance do you have Screenshots or (better) a video of the occurance?

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Bug with Marie-Therese’s special skill. A ghost enemy appears rather than zombie.

I had the same issue.

Challenge level 10. All the enemies appeared to be killed but the level wouldn’t end. Marie had fired her special many times and had resurrected the other enemy into a zombie but when she died, no zombie. I ended up matching gems where she was and there were hits against an invisible enemy and then the level ended.

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Someone else posted the same bug before me which I replied to so this topic can be closed or merged with the other one.

This seems a lot like the revive bug with Fighters staying alive while invisible :thinking: maybe not the same but very similar.

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Yes, also happened to me.
Invisible enemy bug.

Had to throw tiles and after 3 turns a zombie appeared. Weird glitch.


Off topic

@Kikyo @Kayo

This thread title made me think of the Guardians ‘never say die’ attitude!:muscle:

Or you’re too dumb to know when you’re beaten :rofl:

One of the two


I initially had the same thought :rofl: :+1:


Same here, again, all enemies dead, realized I had the invisible ghost zombie. Killed it, only lost about 15 seconds. Still rather annoying

Although I’m sure that there will be a HotM that creates invisible ghost allies when killed during special. The Wraith or something along those lines.


This is a fine recruiting thread. Thank you, OP!

Guardians Reborn!

I feel bad, I don’t know his alliance, or I’d give them a shout out, too.

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Haha. You’re welcome Kayo. I belong to flight of the Valkyrie.

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Thanks, we’ll investigate this here!

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If you have experienced this issue, would you kindly submit a Support ticket through the in-game Support tab so we can take a closer look


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