Rebel's Creed Recruiting (couple spots open)

If you are looking for an alliance to call home, the Rebel’s Creed might be a nice fit for you - especially if you are looking for an active, fun, alliance without the stress or time demands of being in the top 100.
*We are an active, truly international alliance (US, UK, Europe, and Vietnam, and other countries) taking down 12 titans (and the occasional 13 - maybe you can be the one to make 13s a regular thing).
***War Optional, but use all flags if you opt in. Rotating Tanks with basic strategy, but no waves/set times etc… as the international nature of the alliance makes set times difficult.
***Titan hits are a must, and save flasks for rares.
***Player Levels range from the 42-84, with most above level 50.
***We use Line for out of game communication, and are a friendly, chatty bunch. If you prefer not to use Line, we have a FB group, and also use the featured in-game message. We understand life happens, and ask that you communicate with us if you need to opt out or miss some time.
***Some members can make top 50 local and global runs when they choose to do so.
If this sounds like what you want in an alliance, knock on our door in the game and let them know Ryche sent you. Or, if you have Line, you can look up one of the leaders (info in the graphic below)

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