Rebalance Vanilla 5* heroes (non-costumed ones)

This makes no sense?

We are free to share ideas)) And costumes is behind paywall, we need something to make FTP competitive (with more effort than P2W, but still)

If costumes were not behind paywall (at least we can change 5* hero to his costume, losing a hero in the process), it will be way better)))

Yeah ideas is cool but you want to add buffs to heros on s1 this why we have costumes.
Well costume keys are available from complete the quest no idea how many you get from clearing it.
But I got 10 keys from the last event from chests so 2 pulls.

Check the odds of pulling Vivica, please.

2-3 pulls per month, in average you will have Vivica after 200 pulls, so, 100 months. It is way too long.

I can get 2 heroes per day from TC20, and with same probability I will got Vivica. It is 60! pulls per month.


Still a chance not saying its great but there is that chance this what game is about luck.
If you don’t realise that then that’s your problem.
Think some dude spent like a grand to get finley n didn’t ended up quitting, it’s floating on here somewhere.
You kinda knoe what your signing up for

Chance is unrealistic)) I think we need more chances to use costumes. At least 30 pulls per month.

It won’t change its about luck I pulled Athena areil jabberwok zeline poseidon from one pull. Got 2 hof due to a 10 pull and a guin along the way. Took me 10 months to get a wilbur luck.

Luck is OK, but it should not be so luck-bound.

I know Gacha. But TC20 is not Gacha, and for costumes (which are balance changes) there should also be a non-Gacha way.

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Tc20 gives you a chance at 5 4 3 hero’s that is best your gonna get.
Coins for valla or keys from chests
Coins from atlantis if you haven’t cleared or from valla can get pulls.
They still give a option for f2p not great but a option

I think there should be more options for F2P (I am C2P, but even with 10-30 pulls in month I still do not have many heroes).

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@rilian I went back in a old topic to find this post with more ideas:

People just sit down and get shafted by the game and support their decisions to shaft everyone. I like the idea to make S1 5 stars more useful. Even just reshaping their special can greatly help the games appeal. Yes they already released costume paywall but why can’t the costumes be stupid good like some are and the reg hero also be more usable and competitive. Is the game going to shaft us either way? Of course. At least speak up and let them know you hate being shafted. I would have rather tried and tell them things sucks. It’s all opinion though and that’s mine. I think if they are “rebalancing” hero’s S1 definitely needs it too. I like how they are nerfing the HOTM that won’t get them as much money as people instead having to keep trying for BK, Guin and so on. “Telluria is too good and needs to be nerfed”. Well let me tell you “Season 1 hero’s suck and need to be buffed”.

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I think a lot of people consider costumes to be the buff vanilla heroes needed. But costumes are not vanilla heroes. They’re barely related.

If I drew a costume Azlar, it does not make my base Azlar more valuable (except as a head start in experience). The costume comes with a copy of the original already, so the base Azlar I already drew will still feel worthless, yes? And drawing a vanilla Azlar alone does not give me any progress to having the costume. My base Azlar would only be a glorified trainer hero for my costume, right?

I think Azlar’s costume should be considered an entirely separate hero from the original one, with no relation. It’s not a buff for Azlar; it’s an entirely separate hero and does nothing to make vanilla Azlar more useful. That’s my standpoint. Costumes don’t fix vanillas in even the slightest degree; it’s simply another summon portal.

Have I missed something?

Yes. Because if you pulled one Azlar, you can make all your Azlars costumed. So, pull one costume, then just use TC for get more heroes.

So, costumes is a buff and a hero too.

You’re missing the fact that maxing the costume also increases the vanilla version’s stats (+5% atk/def, +10% hp and a whopping 5% mana gen).

For a lot of cases, it pushes the vanilla hero from mediocre to good and from good to great.

Yeah, we can consider costumes as cheap to level premium mana troop’s extenders under this scenario.

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Too much. Average mana is a non-starter.


Leo is OK. Giving him like 400% damage seems fair.

Seems OK.


I think this undermines riposte a bit too much, which has already taken a beating.

I’d make her fast but the costume would be OP then.

Reasonable, but she doesn’t really need balance.

I think she’s OK as is, maybe an attack boost.

I’d just up his attack a bit.

I like this one, would make him a viable green tank for C2P without Telluria.


Too much. Elena is OK as is.

Same, Azlar is fine.

Marjana is good as is.

Way too strong


Do not agree. Rigard now beats Vivica in every level. Even if Vivica will be average, she will be worse than Ariel.

Maybe. But Joon is better.


Fast Domitia is exactly Seshat.

I do not think than adding a little bit of defence is too much.

For ONLY red sniper she must be stronger. If her DoT will be 2 turns, she will be way better anti-Telly machine.

Why? -34% vs Ice is lower than -54% Frida and Arthur. And Thorne will not have other features of this heroes.

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