Rebalance Vanilla 5* heroes (non-costumed ones)

I suggest to rebalance 5* S1 heroes to reflect current meta more.


  1. Vivica - make her def up only 30% and make her average mana
  2. Joon - fine as is
  3. Justice - make her mana cut 10% like Neith
  4. Leonidas - make him fast and maybe up damage.


  1. Quintus - add poison damage (like 200 per 2 turns)
  2. Obakan - up damage
  3. Domitia - remove her yellow def, and make her like Kage (displel, then hit).
  4. Sartana - make her DoT 2 turns.


  1. Kadilen - add cleanse
  2. Elkanen - add -15% mana slow to his targets
  3. Lianna - fine as is
  4. Horghall - add -34% mana slow to all targets


  1. Khagan - make him average
  2. Elena - add defence (exact number shoud be calculated), make her average
  3. Azlar - make him 250% hit + 2 turns DoT
  4. Marjana - make her DoT 2 turns


  1. Richard - fine as is
  2. Magni - fine as is
  3. Thorne - add ice def down 34% (lower than Frida).
  4. Isarnia - add some def.

Let’s go crazy: Obakan should apply his counterattack to every purple ally but his duration should be lowered to 3 turns… let’s make the guy good at least for attacks and titans! :stuck_out_tongue:


So the point of costumes will be…

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Change hero classes and give him alternate specials. But not just to make heroes viable in current meta.

This is why we have costumes
Am I missing something

Costumes should be fun, but not required))

Or they should can be produced for farmable things))

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These are good ideas, whose time has come, if we’re in the era of “balancing” already released heroes.

Yeah they ain’t gonna be nerfing everyone in sight or who people ask for.
Season 1 hero’s have costumes now that’s there added bonus.

This makes no sense?

We are free to share ideas)) And costumes is behind paywall, we need something to make FTP competitive (with more effort than P2W, but still)

If costumes were not behind paywall (at least we can change 5* hero to his costume, losing a hero in the process), it will be way better)))

Yeah ideas is cool but you want to add buffs to heros on s1 this why we have costumes.
Well costume keys are available from complete the quest no idea how many you get from clearing it.
But I got 10 keys from the last event from chests so 2 pulls.

Check the odds of pulling Vivica, please.

2-3 pulls per month, in average you will have Vivica after 200 pulls, so, 100 months. It is way too long.

I can get 2 heroes per day from TC20, and with same probability I will got Vivica. It is 60! pulls per month.


Still a chance not saying its great but there is that chance this what game is about luck.
If you don’t realise that then that’s your problem.
Think some dude spent like a grand to get finley n didn’t ended up quitting, it’s floating on here somewhere.
You kinda knoe what your signing up for

Chance is unrealistic)) I think we need more chances to use costumes. At least 30 pulls per month.

It won’t change its about luck I pulled Athena areil jabberwok zeline poseidon from one pull. Got 2 hof due to a 10 pull and a guin along the way. Took me 10 months to get a wilbur luck.

Luck is OK, but it should not be so luck-bound.

I know Gacha. But TC20 is not Gacha, and for costumes (which are balance changes) there should also be a non-Gacha way.

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Tc20 gives you a chance at 5 4 3 hero’s that is best your gonna get.
Coins for valla or keys from chests
Coins from atlantis if you haven’t cleared or from valla can get pulls.
They still give a option for f2p not great but a option

I think there should be more options for F2P (I am C2P, but even with 10-30 pulls in month I still do not have many heroes).

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