Rebalance / Buff Baldur

This heroe is absolutly sh… T

With Gazelle +100% damage he doesnt worked correctly. This is bug @zephyr1
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Gazelle prevents allies to cast any status effects on themselves and his own special gives him a buff to keep attacking on overheal.

He doesn’t work with gazelle like many other heros (atomos, tyr, … etc)

To me, this is a hero that deals constant DoT (just to random targets) but without a limit to turns. The only way to stop this DoT is to attack him and bring him below the extra HP.

This isn’t a hero that is going to be the game changer, but he’s a supporting damage dealer. Somewhat like JF.

I’m pretty sure he’s fine as he is. Not requiring mana to cast spells every turn is huge, and I think easily overlooked. If his damage was 250% like you say, he’d be totally insane, especially on offense where defense just attacks randomly and wouldn’t focus him, allowing him to deal ~500 dmg every turn to someone. You could have zero tiles and still win almost every match… pair it with like Heimdall or any other max HP booster and that’d be just stupid.

Spoken like someone who hasn’t played with him. He’s utterly useless, and it’s frustrating (largely because I now have two). On defense, he can be safely ignored because his damage is so minimal, and his mana protection impacts so few heroes (I struggle to think of a 5* red who wouldn’t be better in his place on defense). On offense, maybe against Guin, but I haven’t seen her in weeks! Plus, again, you’re better off with anyone, even Khagan for that fight. For titans? The tile damage is nice, but the animation for the special means you can never fire it.

Useless. If he automatically added an attack against anyone who damage him in a turn while his special was hot (e.g. potentially hitting several enemies in a turn) and/or did more damage and/or pulled a full protection from mana ailments, it could shift the conversation.

A rebalance for a hyper rare S3 5* hero who compares dis favorably to pre-buffed S1 5* heroes seems needed here.

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He is easily the worst Legendary hero in the game. No contest.

Honestly I can’t even think of an Epic Hero that is worse than Baldur.

Hi everyone, I have Baldur at 4.67 and honestly, he seems to me to be a very poor hero in powers to attack and defense. I would like him to be updated, since to be a 5 * he does nothing in relation to other heroes of his same level. Maybe if they increase the attack to 200 and generate an extra attack of at least 150% damage to all the opponents every time the mana is activated.

I was wrong earlier thinking he paired well with Natalya. It was actually the extra HP in combination with Kasshrek that made him a real surviver. I’ve tried it over and over again the last few days: when a raid goes wrong and almost the whole team is destroyed but these two can activate their special and there’s a window for ghosting, you have a solid chance to win.
You do need patience however: because he hits so soft, it can take minutes to take out 2-3 opponents.
Again, I’m not a high level player (max team strenght about 3000), but for me he’s very useful fright now.

This just isn’t feasible with the sudden death and overtime game mechanics.

Ok, let me rephrase that. I’m quite new and still fooling around.
Raids with a total time of almost 5 minutes, is that possible? I often reach a tie break and a moment where the damage starts to increase with each move. Haven’t experienced a sudden death so far.
Anyway, at the end there’s a period where only Kashhrek and Baldur remain standing alone. The game becomes boring then, maybe it just seems longer then it actually is :wink:

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Instead of lady Loki, I got him, FML. Now let’s see, how to buff him…

  1. Make his attacks be targetable, that attack also reduces mana by 10% so the tank or anyone opposing can forget about firing once he sets up

  2. they can make his attack random, but increase that damage output by 10% every turn in a stack. Up to 25 times so he hits up to 350% every turn. But it’s a chore He becomes a hero that needs to survive as long as possible to be powerful

2.5) something to aid the stack- instead of helping block mana cut for all allies, increase the stack count by 3 everytime an ally suffers from mana cut when he has boosted health (convoluted I know)

  1. the easier buff everyone and their mother has been suggesting to SG, block all forms of negative mana ailments, mana cut, - mana regeneration, mana block

  2. scrap that whole mana cut protection, keep the boosted health. Add taunt for 3 turns and 115% riposte for 5 turns


Is 150% enough on his attack a HotM pull. I’ve used him quite frequent and he will not survive as a stand alone hitter and I agree he’s like a punching bag. Maybe something else should be added cos everytime I bring him I’ll need healers as well.

I run him on a team with full minions, at 3/70 he does well. I would max him to 80 with a team of minions

hello, fix baldur-guardian gazelle, when buff-gazelle is working, baldur buged does not auto-attack (although the buff of life exceeds the norm) after the buff-gazelle ends, it still does not use the ability

Baldur’s auto-attack is an effect, Gazelle removes all effects. No bug there. Gazelle’s effect would be way too powerful if she didn’t remove buffs from her team. I know where you’re coming from (I have both of them and tried using them together) but not all heroes work well together.

Totally worthless hero. I wish I had left him on the bench. The most common result of his special is a 1k heal and nothing else, because by the time he gets to fire, he’s already down on health.

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He was thankfully one of the heroes targetted for a buff this past beta

Buffs were:

To be honest though, I still didn’t think much of him personally. But maybe that’s because I have Red Hood (who basically does what he does, but heals her entire team instead).

So who knows. He might be better than I’m rating him now, but if I got him, I don’t think I’d level him.


Make him hit all for say 90% each turn and give him a mana regeneration elemental link. He doesn’t have to be op afterwards, but at least a bit helpful.

Or just rename him: Baldrian :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Maxed him and put some emblems up to node 4, i really hope he is going to be stronger even though i quite like him for farming.
Last war i was hit 8 times at the end without taking down my last guy left - Baldur


Currently with number of Valhalla legendary heroes in Valhalla portal coupled with odds at getting one of those heroes, the chance of any particular Valhalla 5* is .12% when rounded up. Every month a new legendary is introduced those odds just get worse. Baldur should be better than he is based on those odds. It’s ridiculous that someone has to get that lucky to be disappointed.


The 150% is enough for that part of what he does. Now there needs to be something else done. It’s a small step for a hero needing a lot more

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