Rebalance / Buff Baldur

Hello everybody. In light of the latest changes in the heroes after their release, I propose to discuss the damage of Baldur. I played them for 3 days and am very disappointed. Its damage of 110% is too small to cause anyone effective damage. I propose to increase it to 250%.


His damage will improve when he will be fully leveled. He seems to be at 3 70 in the video.

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It doesn’t matter if he is at 3/70 or 4/80. His damage is too low to make an impact. He is just standing there doing pretty much nothing that helps the team. This hero needs a huge buff to be usable. He is the worst season 3 hero by far. Please fix him in the next update. Suggestion: Increase his damage and let us target the opponent. Random hits do not help at all.


Logical buff would be to add a defensive buff since he is a defensive type of heroe. As long as he has temporary HP, he should give def up/water protection/immunity to status alignments. Yes he does need to do more damage as well, no doubt. Do fire DoT to enemy team as long as he has temporary HP, it wouldn’t be OP since a lot of fire heroes have DoTs.

He needs a serious rework, he doesn’t DO anything.

His entire special is basically a stand in for a minion (extra HP and minor auto damage) that he can’t even share with his teammates.

I will say that I think the idea is neat, it’s interesting and slightly different, but if he can’t deal some decent damage or provide a more useful buff to his allies, he’s just not useful.

His random hit definitely needs some more power, at a bare minimum, and maybe add a mana cut to it, or a burn, or a -defense… something. Just… something.

Right now this is one of the saddest pulls in the game, I’d rather have Margaret or even Thorne is more useful.


I cant think of a single 5* hero more useless than this guy. It really shows the carefactor by E&P when they release a s3 hero well below the level s1 heros. They seriously have lost the plot and are releasing a few shiny things as a quick cash grab.
If content isnt ready than don’t release it, we would rather wait longer for new heros and see them balanced then more of the overpowered or underpowered rubbish you keep spewing out.

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This is great. Right now, he is pretty much just a punching bag. The mana reduction should be resistant to any negative mana for him or his team.

I think the mana cut per hit would be a great idea also say by 20%. If the hit is random and we don’t have control over who he hits, the damage around should be brought up to a minimum of 150%.

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If he had a Mana attached, he would be nearly unbeatable 1 on 1

Sorry but raids are 5vs5. Yes IF he is the last on standing in a corner during field aid and you have only one heroe remaining he would be a problem, but how situational is that…

The absolute worst thing about the design is that he only does the auto hit when he is over 100% health so if you are not cruising comfortably in the battle he does nothing except tile damage.

Then there is the well flagged problem of the amount of damage he does: Very Little (Too Little)

Conceptually the special is interesting.

In practice it fails completely. The very definition of “Win More”


He’s not just weak, he’s COMPLETELY BROKEN to useless.

He contributes exactly nothing to a fight.

How in the world did this guy ever make it out of Beta Testing? What were they thinking?

Why is it that SG is soooo concerned about balance after people spend heavy for an overpowered hero, but leave these kinds of pulls to sit there and rot away on the bench?

Can anyone think of any reason$ why $G might have $uch a duplicitou$ double $tandard on balance?

Absolutely!!! When I first saw him fab but he’s absolutely useless! No point in giving him a space in a team

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The problem with this vote method is that since he is probably a rare pull, there will not be enough attention to fix him. So anyone who pulled him will have to basically accept that he only takes up bench space, and this will get no attention.

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Worst hero in the game. He doesn’t do anything!


He would have been fine had Guin still been the best tank available, but he just doesn’t cut it against Telluria. A simple change could make him work: make his mana cut resistance also apply to mana generation debuff. Then, he could have something useful to bring to the table against Telluria.


If you have other 5* options, I can understand Baldur is a disappointment. My first 5* was Natalya, with whom I’m not perfectly happy either because it takes time for her full damage to take effect. Baldur is my second 5*. They’re both about halfway ascended now and since I paired them up in my defense team, I’ve never won so many raids. So momentarily, I’m happy with him.

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With this tile dmg and health boost he is excellent for titans, too. Actually, I can think of him being a solid supporting hero in red stacks overall.
He’s not all around great hero, but can be useful from time to time.

Yes, his tile damage vs Titans is great, but you need to take care to never activate his special as his plink damage is both useless and holds you up so you can’t make matches until he’s done plinking. Elena is far superior, and isn’t that an indictment on Baldur?

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Didn’t say he’s the best, just that you can use him for titans because of the tile dmg. :slight_smile: Or in some red stacks, because it’s a sure thing he can survive a lot if that health is boosted. Even if the rest of the team is down, you may get the chance to finish the battle using the board. In that sense, might be a good support.

I was wondering if i should ascend him over Mariana. He seemed good on theory but when I tried him on Titans he just slowed down my damage with his autoattacks. I guess I will hold on for now and just go with Mariajna…

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