Reasoning Behind Alliance Families

I feel like every day I visit this forum I see another advert for an alliance family I haven’t heard of before. I don’t mean this to be critical, but outside of figuratively expanding on the Empires part of the game title, what benefits do these nominal “Families” actually provide?

Are they a farm system for future talent?
A way to share titan attacks between groups despite the reduced rewards?
Purely social?
Provide a less competitive format for elite players who want to take a break, but intend to return to more competitive play at a later date?
Is there something else I’m missing?

I was recently approached by a co-lead of one of these Alliance Families on Line who suggested we bring our currently 28 member alliance under their umbrella and assume a portion of their alliance name. When I asked why we should, they couldn’t articulate a reason aside from a broader sense of family, and that their top alliance was about to break into the Top-100 (and has since done so). This wasn’t a persuasive argument for me.

I imagine this works differently from family to family, but I can’t shake my imagination that the players in the premier alliance would constantly be getting pushed by those in the upcoming alliance, while many players in the up and coming group would be striving to prove themselves and climb the ladder. Is there a perception of this for those on the inside?

Genuinely curious how this works and what players experiences with it have been.

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To play in the top 100 all alliance members have to go full throttle on Titan, AWs and cups.
This also devours material for 13 * and 14 * Titans.
That wants to be generated.

Since many do not want to keep this aggressive style of play going, alliance families are useful.

Basically, it’s about having different game styles without getting out of the family.

I have a friendly relationship with various alliances.

This fulfills the same purpose without us becoming a family.

However, it is far less common for members to meet with others.
With families, it is much more often to change.
The Training Alliance trains the people and then loses them most of the time.
If everyone participates in the recruitment and training this is not a problem either.
If not, that’s bad.

Hiya! thanks for posting this question!

I’m Guvnor, one of the leaders in the We Are Groot family of Alliances (Vol 1, 2, 3, 4 & 0).

From our family of alliances the benefits are:

  1. Its figuratively a family. You get to know the same people and make some friends all towards the same goal. You learn with them, laugh with them, meme and teach with them.

  2. Multiple alliances often are tiered. We have our premier alliance (Vol 1) being a top 50 alliance and the others cascade down. Vol 2 is a top 200 alliance, Vol 3 is around the 500 mark and Vol 4 is our training alliance. This means that there is flexibility in terms of what you are actually wanting in terms of competitiveness… You want to go full bore, move on up… want to relax a bit? move down a couple slots.

  3. Knowledge!! By having tiered alliances its easy to pass along knowledge gained. You have access to long-serving players who have years of experience learned both the hard way & from their own contacts. I know that I personally have learnt from our senior members in Vol 1 and am also often called upon to answer questions of the other members. Usually there is no new question that hasn’t been asked before

  4. Flexibility. Usually your alliance requirements change depending on a couple of factors including Real Life. Many Families of alliances will allow you to move up and down depending on what you personally want at that time and what your RL will permit you to do.

So hopefully that provides a little bit of an insight and perspective.

If you’re wanting to learn more/ experience it, hit me up on Line App at Guvnor81 and we can chat some more :smiley: