Reanu Keeves alliance recruitement


I’m MrTops and I’m the leader of Reanu Keeves alliance
We have 17/30 members and are looking for people that have at least 5 war teams and 1 cleanup team and use ALL war flags

Titans are 9-10* atm, we would like for people to attack titans at least 3 times a day but understand when life happens and you miss the titan.

We have people from all around the world and use only english in alliance chat.
The rules of chat are
1.Have fun chatting with others
2.Don’t talk about religion, politics
3.Don’t argue and start fights with people, give useful information/comment not insults
4.If you have problem with anything or anyone you contact me on discord or line
Discord: MrTops#7386
Line ID: mrtoos
Those are also contacts for any additional recruitment info you want

We hope you join and have fun with us

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