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I was fortunate enough to score 2 Tyr (and a Sif) in a S3 30-pull. I’m currently leveling both Tyr’s and I was thinking I might put one on either side of my Aegir. (My only other non-S1 5* is The Hatter). Here’s my question. The Helheim bonus (25/50/100% dmg upon death) seems kinda nice, especially on a resurrecting hero. However… I’m seeing people say that the realm bonuses don’t apply with duplicate heroes? That seems odd, since I believe there are only two Helheim Realm heroes (Tyr and Stonecleave). If it weren’t the case, I’d consider throwing Stonecleave onto a wing to bump up the death bonus to 100%, but if not… stonecleave will probably remain useless to me.

Yes, duplicate heroes do not get extra bonus. But there will be more S3 heroes released in the next few months so there will be more members of each realm.


You will only get the 25% damage upon the death of that hero with Tyr. It won’t increase with duplicates.

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Thanks… I guess I’ll have to be on the lookout for new Helheim realm heroes to be released, and then hope for some good fortune :slight_smile:

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