Realm bonus permanently blocked?

Hello. I’m not sure if this is a bug or an intended mechanic.

Vanda’s ailment protection was active when Gefjon fell to low HP. The Muspelheim realm bonus burn status effect activated, but Vanda’s ailment blocker prevented it from affecting my heroes.

After the ailment blocker was gone, the realm bonus still didn’t activate. I’m confused because the cards of the Valhalla realm bonuses say that they take effect “as long as” the relevant hero has low HP.

I did an extra move after the protection was gone to see if the ailment would take effect, but it didn’t. Is this intended, or should a realm bonus still activate once ailment blockers are gone, so long as the relevant hero still has low HP?

Correct. This is working as intended.

The ailment is a single “cast”, meaning that it only casts (triggers) once when the Muspelheim hero gets to “Low HP”.

It doesn’t repeatedly cast every turn that the Muspelheim hero is in Low HP.

HOWEVER, it will “recast” if Gefjon healed and then got reduced down to Low HP again.

Operates the same with all other “Low HP” ailments from the Realm Bonuses.

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Thanks for the reply. If this is working as intended, OK, but in this case, I think the “as long as” language should be struck from the cards. Maybe something like “All enemies receive (status effect) when (realm) ally falls to low health. This effect can’t be cleansed but gets removed if (realm) ally dies or is healed out of low health.” I think this language better reflects the fact that the status effect gets “cast” only once when falling into low health instead of a continuous cast.

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