Really! what the heck! – Bullcrap007's feedback and discussion on Raiding

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Is anyone else tired of the raids being fixed? I just lost 5 out of 6 raids to teams WAAAAY weaker than me and their players seem to be able to kill me in one shot but I’m hitting them twice with the same character. And how many times is the board only going to give me 1 or 2 matches but the opposing team players all get a shot for my 1 or 2. Its Disguisting how this game cheats!

Post your team, dude, and we’ll see if it can be tweaked.

Most people are able to win the majority of their offensive raids with a good team layout but a losing streak of 5 isn’t unheard of on a bad day :slightly_smiling_face:


Well @Kaiju007, I find raids very fair. As a double O agent, are you exploring your enemies skills and creating an elite force of highly trained operators to combat their specials? It isn’t just about launching tiles at them and hoping for a win through brute force. It is a delicate dance of making diamonds, ghosting, and making smart matches. If you can do that, it won’t feel like such @Kaiju007.


I think it is more likely that you haven’t gotten a feel for the rules yet. :wink: The raids operate by pretty clear rules - enemies charge mana each turn, they fire left to right, and so on. It plays by its rules.

I just got destroyed in 2 out of 3 raids by a Guin tank, killed her in one of the losses but Isarnia + Elena + Sartana wiped my team as soon as Guin died. Then I got a little better luck on my third try and walked away with the Win. :slight_smile:


I find raids a con the only people that raid me are 3500 plus mostly around the 4000 some of the playera are 40 plus level if I’m stupid enough to push the raid button i get 3500 plus spent 200,000 hams and never once got a sub 3500 ive only just broke the 3200
And whats going on with the putting in a low defence team say 2900 then hitting back with a 4000 team and taking more cups than they lost

TP really means very little. You need to focus on your team composition and the opponent’s.


@Kaiju007 I see this isn’t the first time you’ve complained about your dislike of raids:

Really! what the heck! – Bullcrap007's feedback and discussion on Raiding

You’ve mentioned your team power being around 2600. That’s still very early in the game. I’d encourage you to focus your energies on building a diverse roster with multiple 3* and 4* heroes of each color.

You also might want to read the several strategy guides to raids on the forum, and practice the advice they offer. If you need links, I’m happy to dig them out for you.

Being able to color stack effectively, and being able to select heroes to counter the specials of the defense, are key skills to ensure that raids don’t feel like, well, bullcrap to you.

The reality of the situation, @Kaiju007, is that it isn’t raids that are broken. Most of us have win percentages on offense somewhere north of 70%. If SG tilted the game any more heavily in favor of the offense, it would be unplayably boring for many experienced players.

I would like defenses that are more challenging, not less challenging. An improved AI would be a huge add.


Until you start making the Raids a little more realistic, your going to keep losing people and having people not recommend this game. Or spending money on this game. Just like me.

Heres me.
Heres them.
I lost simply because I wasn’t given the colors I needed, twice to win. The game CHOSE to let me lose.
In the real world, there is NO WAY a weaker fighter can beat a stronger one. I have taught fighters and used to be one.

Why do you think they’re weaker? Your double stack is in the weak colour to their double stack, making it less effective. Also on TP they are essentially equal.


@nevarmaor is correct… two greens and no blue against a team with two reds? Destined to fail. The team strength is so close it doesn’t really matter…


Try 3-2 red blue or yellow !! That should work

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You are aware of the circle of life?

Red is worth 2x against Green (but only 1/2x against Blue).


To make it clear, you opponent’s tank is 4/70+6 Skittleskull, I believe she has around 670+ power. Even if Skittie is low on hp/defense, with that high level and emblems, she is sturdy enough against 3138 TP attacker.

To make it worse, the only red you bring is not even 4*, it’s just 3/50+10 Azar with 494 power. With that, it is hard to kill skittie before she fire, once it happen you are doomed without cleanser in your team.

You will need some luck to win it, especially with maxed Li Xiu lurking in the corner.

With your attack team, you should have look for opponent with blue tank (other than Boril if you are not confident against him)


I concur with @yelnats_24 - in this case, you stacked the deck against yourself by bringing a team composition that stacks up poorly against the opposition, so you should expect to lose unless you get really good luck on a board.

You have a single 3* Red against their 4* Green tank, so you are pretty much assured that it will fire before you kill it. And since you have that same 4* tank, you should know that Skittleskull reduces enemy attack, meaning that your one strong and four neutral attackers will have an even harder time killing her before the heals and damage-sharing activate from the flanks, which will then assure your demise. And as others pointed out, bringing no blue when the opponent has two red, that is also a poor strategy.

In summary: The game won’t hold your hand. You need to bring something to the table beyond just throwing your strongest against them and hoping for the best. EDIT: To clarify on that… my defense team is composed of my strongest rainbow team. My raid attack teams generally are 100-300 points weaker than my defense team, but I still beat +500-700 points above me (the people who are attacking my defense) on a regular basis.


Based on the team you brought vs. the team you attacked, you absolutely should have lost that battle.

There are plenty of ways weaker teams beat stronger teams. People have posted all sorts of answers, along with questions of your roster, but as far as I can tell, you haven’t replied to anyone.

Making generic complaining threads doesn’t help anyone. If you want actual help, post up your roster and people will help you out.



More accurately, try actually reading and implementing some of the dozens of tips you have already been given instead of continuing to make the same mistakes over and over, then complaining when you get the same outcome.


I just lost to this player which is literally impossible! I had several matches of purple and red colors but my energy levels never went up and I lost with none of my players having any energy built up. This is an issue. I complain all the time about raids not being fair but this is unacceptable.

Li Xiu strikes again!