Really upsetting

How can it be possible for a person to get 10 HOTM and others that spend can’t even get one. It should be spread out let others get him as well.

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How many Heroes of the Month someone else gets has no effect on how many you get. Every summon gives a 1.3% chance.


So you mean to tell me he got 10 with that chance to get him. 1.3 chance and he got 10 I did 32 pull and got none

SGG doesn’t care. They gachamoney


RNG is RNG. He just got lucky, I did a 10 pull with Margaret and got 2 in same 10pull.

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I agree with you they don’t care


Really congrats on those pulls.

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Thank you :slight_smile: then wanted Seshat…spend prob $90 didn’t get her :frowning:


Don’t get me wrong I’m not upset at him getting all those HOTM I just would like to see others get it as well. Make it fair. At least every 30 pull you get one

The chance of getting at least one HOTM from 32 pulls is only 34.2%.

That means that if 100,000 players each did 32 pulls, 65,800 of them wouldn’t be expected to get the HOTM.

So it’s quite unsurprising (though unfortunate) that you didn’t get him.


Sorry about that wish you did get at least one for spending your hard earned money. Like I said they should spread the love even though they don’t care

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Every pull has a 1.3% chance on getting a HotM. Some people will get more than others. Not everyone throws a 6 with dice, do they?

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Thank you for this info great stats but like you said unfortunately I got nothing


Very good point they should increase the odds which will probably be the same anyway

I am a little confused on this, but maybe I am not understanding it.

Wouldn’t every pull be 1.3% regardless of the number of pulls? If you do 1 pull you have a 1.3% chance and if you happened to do 90 pulls you have 90 individual 1.3% chance.

But maybe i am confused on your chart thingy.


It looks like we get a 1.3 chance out of 100 pulls that includes everyone who is doing summons to land hotm

So that means it’s not based on an individuals pull it’s based on the millions that try to pull so it’s really a 0.01 percent chance to land an HOTM

Holy moly that guy should play the lotto or something. Getting all those HOTM is big time luck

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Yes, each individual pull is 1.3% chance.

But based on that we can calculate the cumulative probability, which tells us the chance of a given outcome from multiple pulls.


No, this isn’t correct.

Each individual pull has a 1.3% chance.

It has nothing to do with anyone else’s results, or even your own.

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