Really tired of Chao. What should I do?

Really like my Chao. Also hu Tao yellow 4* are great. Hu Chao li xiu Gretel jackal Wu Kong I leveled all of them up. The thing is they’re the ones that cut Mana best also yellow makes more heros miss. Wu is essential if you want to blast Titans. Each color has its advantages. But also there are weakness in every color. Not really need more than one of each though


Welcome to the forum @Estabunne

A lot of people are pretty negative about some of the 4* yellow, so it’s great to see someone enjoying them :+1:


Chao was my second ever 4 star. My first being Grimm on my main. Chao’s mana cut has saved my bacon plenty times. While Leonidas might be his upgrade, Chao gets plenty better when emblemed. When maxed his stats aren’t exactly the greatest but the grid fixes that. I am going the attack health route. Cause a mana cut + pierce is my second favorite thing behind pulverizer + pierce.

I personally think one is enough unless you are low on holy heroes. Feeding the second one off, don’t do it until you start reaching the more expensive levels where it is like 4K food for one hero feed.

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I have sort of moved a bit on my opinion of Chao. However, I don’t regret maxing Gretel instead. Or Wu. I’ll probably also max Hu Tao and Li Xiu first. But, I’ve warmed up to him.

I thank everyone who helped Gretel to feast.

Here she is today:


Yeah, she’s got an axe. :axe:

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I love my busty barbarian! And Hansel! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s great that you got Gretel. But don’t dis Chao. I have one with 18 emblem nodes. Meanwhile Lianna only has 1 node. Others go to Triton. I’m thinking of leveling a third Chao, although being able to ascend Joon now makes it less interesting. I appreciate speed. Yes, it’s for war. We rarely see purple tanks, but another Chao helps for having fast multirole hero as part of a late war team.

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Oh, absolutely! I’ve seen him fully emblemed and he looks fantastic. I’ll never completely discount a fast, mana cutting sniper.

I have definitely warmed up to him. He was my only yellow for a couple of months until I got Gretel (did get a Wu shortly after. Fed him to Chao because I didn’t know better) and he wasn’t impressing me at lower levels.

I just sent him to his third ascension yesterday :slightly_smiling_face: I will definitely max him when I have the orbs.

Late to this party, and I might also mention that my two Chaos are both at 1^1, since he didn’t show up until way late for me. Still, I wanted him for a long time for class quests, because rangers can be hard to come by among classic heroes. For that reason alone, I’d advise you to keep at least one Chao. (It seems you’ve already fed the other one away anyway.) For now, my plan is to try and keep two of the classic epics in case costumes make them better and I want to use both the costumed and uncostumed version together (or in case the costumed version is a big improvement and I want to max multiples for war).

While I was busy leveling better yellows, I drew three Khagans (one of which is my current red project), so I’m not hurting for rangers anymore, and I had almost decided to shelve Chao for the foreseeable future, but all this talk about emblemed Chao is making me rethink that. I won’t be able to emblem Khagan for a long time, and I may not be maxing him anyway. My Tiburtus is at +19, so I’m going to need to do something else with ranger emblems soon. Chao may be next in line for yellow feeders once I finish taking Vivica to 3^70 (no more darts). Thanks for a good discussion, all.

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That’s a really good point. I have zero four star rangers at the moment and often can only get past the second stage in that class quest.

I might have to focus on him for a while. Don’t know why that never occurred to me. Thank you!

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Glad you found the observation helpful. Besides Tiburtus and Chao, there aren’t any other easily obtainable four-star rangers. I was literally using Berden on the Trials of Serenity until the last iteration, when I was able to throw in a Cyprian 3^60. So now I’m running four paladins and Tiburtus. Same with Trials of Nature - four druids and Tiburtus. The classic ranger crop is thin. Hoping my Khagan grows up fast!

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Dude I totally forgot about Tibs. Ok. Yeah. I’m getting a ranger…

Thank you.

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Chao leveled and emblemed was a part of my main team up until a month or two ago, Guardian Jackal took his place. I still use Chao in wars though. I stripped his emblems and eventually gave him +3 talent back.

I like Hu Tao, he’s one of the few heroes I was able to bring into final ascension on my alt. I like him. I use him often. And also on my main account, I use him fairly regularly, that Sonic Wall is nice. I have +3 talent on him.

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Yeah. It’s sad to note that classic 4 star holy heroes are the worst of the lot, except Wu Kong, compared to 4 star heroes of the other elements. Who are the rest? Chao, Li Xiu, and Hu Tao. The Atlantis 4 star heroes are also not contributing to the elemental improvement. Danzaburo is a hero manifesting RNG at its finest, either a bomb or a dud. Unfortunately, the best 4 star holy heroes come from events, which will cost you just to summon them. And even if you try summoning them, there is no guarantee they will land on your lap. The likes of Gretel and Guardian Jackal will take a ton of gems and/or luck for them to be part of your roster. In my case, I am trying to build my 4 star hero roster from classic heroes as those event heroes still elude me. I will be maxing a second Li, Chao and Hu, just for events and war tourneys.

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