Really SG?....server issues?

You cant be serious right now…


Yeah right after I ordered a 10 pull from the event. I hope I won’t lose my gems for nothing.

You would think with all the money we spend on a monthly basis…they would have better servers…smh…this is unacceptable


Also had problems with servers, at first thught it might be my internet connection but it was strong.
Didn’t get the error message but it took ages to load an opponent in Raid Tournament and I almost lost 300 gems trying to summon in Event. The portal animation was going on for over 3 minutes, I exited the summons and then got a notification that I got Kailani.

I’d advise to hold off summons till this is fixed, I’m waiting with mine till later today.

Too late for me…

Got my 10 summons after a while so nothing lost on my side (except I got duplicate Guardian Owl which is a lose in itself)

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Was kickrd out 4 times now. During pulls, during fight… SG get your… s…t together! Most of us payed you alot of $$ and all we are getting recently is issue after issue…

Kinda waiting for them to cancel the Tournament :rofl:


Thats they least the can do (cancelation) - this is so rigged! Server issues! Really - where is my money going?

Calm down.

There’s a thing called door. Open it and go outside. Yes, there’s another world, which isn’t driven by SG. You can use whitout a need to Register nor Log in. It has UHDHQ and 3D! Also you can find cool Avatars there, which look similar to humans.

ha-ha-ha-ha… and what are you doing here? funny guy…



I was about to go on raid tournament and then this happened. When I got back in the game, i lost the raid already. I didn’t even get to play. What do I do?


Excellent !!!

Really, i will take a look if you tell the truth! :smiley:

Yeah I have an unexpected lose also SMH!?!

well… starting guardians and raidT at the same time…
pulled in all the f2p and all the c/p2p… so a flow of players going to more than 80% (i think) … any server would be busted…

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