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Hey guys :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Looking for a new, forever home where you can be yourself and play the way that you want to?
  • Sick of being told what to do, who to hit when, or what scores you’ll need to meet the status quo?
  • Do you enjoy the game enough to play daily without having to be told?
  • Are you looking for freedom - away from the stress and drama that comes with some alliances - where you can finally just relax and enjoy the game as it is?

If so, chances are, we’re the perfect fit :wink:

Ravens of Valhalla is looking for active players to come join our ranks

  • Daily activity required
  • Invite only
  • 2200+ Trophy requirement
  • Primarily English speaking
  • Killing all 12* titans, and the occasional 13*
  • War is optional; if opted in, must use all flags
  • Coordinated war defenses; offense is free-for-all

We’re a casual competitive alliance, where we like to do well, just without all of those stringent rules in place. You can play at your own pace, in your own way, without any additional stress [from us]. Absolutely no pressure outside of just playing, so if you’ve already got that covered, well then you’ll get along great :grin:

All we ask of you is to contribute daily, and to communicate if/when you cannot. We all get RL can get crazy, and ultimately comes first, so we’re just looking for a heads up if/when that day comes. So long as you continue fulfilling your obligations [to the team], then no sweat! However, if for some reason you cannot: after 2 unexcused misses, you will be warned [first]. If the abscenses persist without prior notifications [as to why], we will kick [if absolutely necessary].

Some quick positives?

  • Incredibly relaxed, warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • Engaging and supportive leader/coleaders
  • Plenty of knowledgeable and passionate players who are extremely kind, dedicated and helpful
  • Players from all over the world, so someone is always around to help out, answer questions and/or make calls
  • No Drama. No Crazy Rules. No Pressure.

So if you love the game enough to just play, and you don’t wanna deal with all of the stress that can come with being in a top/competitive alliance (or any of those rules that follow), well then come check us out :slightly_smiling_face: Chances are, once you give us a shot, you’ll never wanna leave :wink:

Shoot a comment below, or contact me thru Line, if you’re at all interested (or have any questions). We do have a waiting list for the times when we’re full, or for those who’d eventually like to join down the road, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for a spot! & I’ll do my best to stay in touch, and answer any questions thru Line, in the meantime :slightly_smiling_face:

Line ID: randapanduh

Gate to Valhalla:

& For those that don’t meet our requirements, don’t fret! Check out Gate to Valhalla , our still-developing sister alliance. Right now, it’s where most of our retired, or less active, Ravens go to take things slow and easy. It has potential, and really could use someone with drive in order to fill it up, but that’s a project for another day :sweat_smile: However, for those who are newer to the game yet want to become a Raven - with the enthusiasm to learn and grow with us - it’s a great start! Also, we have an optional, designated alliance chat for any and all Ravens to join (including those in the Gate). It’s a great place to share, chit-chat, answer any and all questions, and bask in our love (or hate) for the game. So if you’re new to this whole thing, but find yourself intrigued, why not give it a try?

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If a mod comes across this, feel free to merge this thread with the one that’s currently closed since I basically just copied and pasted anyway :sweat_smile:

Oh and B.U.M.P.

Oh @RandaPandah - dont tempt me!
You helped me so much when I was starting out - and it would be lovely to come visiting

I just left the strong alliance I have been in for last 700 days as I was getting burned out. I had planned to go visiting other alliances for a bit of fun. But we formed our own new chill-out/training alliance so I feel obliged to stay there for the time being and help build that up.

Good luck

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Hehehe gotta try :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you for the kind words, and taking the time to say so :slight_smile: I’m glad to have been of service! Won’t take too much credit though; I’ve seen you around here [on the forum] plenty, helping out - you know you’re stuff! & You’ve been wonderful contribution to this community, and I appreciate that immensely (not too active here lately, so nice knowing we’ve got good people here holding down the fort)

I feel you on the burn out; been at a similar place [myself] lately. Currently working out the kinks, trying to get back in the swing of things. Was it weird leaving after all of that time? Almost becomes a point of pride, seeing all of those days on your own profile… can be hard to let go of for that fact alone (not even considering the alliance itself, ooph).

Regardless, hope this little in-game vacay is going well for you! If it works, might have to consider it for myself if the burn out persists (we’ve got a itty bitty sister where our retired/burnt out Ravens go too, so def a possibility). At the very least, gotta wish you luck building it up, as it’s no small feat - ours is still itty bitty, albeit being a year old :sweat_smile: So lemme know if you’ve got a recruitment thread for the alliance, and I’ll return the favor and send some love your guys’ way :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, main point is: you’re more than welcome in Ravens anytime! Even if it’s just to visit, we’d be happy to have you for however long you’d like :slightly_smiling_face: If you’ve got Line, can always send a message my way whenever you wanna break away for a bit to come visit; Line ID: randapanduh

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La dee daaaa

Boop bop bleep

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Wars over

Come check us out :blush:

Nowadays not spending much time here [on the forum] or in-game, so if you’re interested in joining, Line me or leave a comment here (I’ll get an email notification). That, or if you meet all of the requirements and feel you’d be a great fit, send an invite our way

ID: randapanduh

Ravens of Valhalla is now full; thanks all :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone interested in joining in the future: reach out thru here or Line, and I’ll see about saving you a seat in Ravens :wink:

ID: randapanduh

One spot available after this war

Come check us out :grin:

ID: randapanduh


Dee dee

Bump. Bump. Bump :grin:

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