Really? Can we get better at this?

Can we get a fix in lvling up heores. I sownd money here ans there. I got 58 heroee from which only 13 are maxed to highest asncesion. Now i know yoy got to make your money selling ascesion item bit can we get an easier way of lvling up heroes?? I think its dumb that it should take just about 20 thousand heroes to lvl up one particular hero. If we continue that way, there shouldnt be a reasong to come with new heroes or special event heroes. Because we cant never max the out in lvls,
Also it would be nice to see the hero transform when ascending into a higher level.

I’ve been playing four months and been fortunate to gather mats at the right pace for heroes

The game is a marathon, not a sprint :slightly_smiling_face:


And how many have you lvled up In 4 months? 3-4 heroes? Its ridiculos when i raid and i get mached with all the maxed 5* oponent and have no chance againt them because i dont have enough health to hang on

Re roll button exists for a reason

Search for the raid guide in the player guide section. It is a great resource for recalibrating your raid strategy and expectations. It helped me a lot!

You’ve got to be smart about the fights you choose.

As you guessed, I have 4 levelled 4* and a few on the way, so I pick teams I’m strong against.

If my opponent is green heavy, I can go 200-300 above. If they are purple heavy or have a 5* I don’t fancy, I skip the match!

The fact that you’re being matched against people with maxed 5* shows that you are a good player. Matching is based on your trophies (within 300 cups of you, up or down). You’ve clearly beaten lots of good teams, so the algorithm is trying to give you matches to continue testing your team and skill.

This game is slow paced, as @JonahTheAngryBard points out. You not only have to (randomly) summon a good hero, you then need to grind out a massive number of feeder heroes and hams to level them up, and earn rare ascension items to ascend them.

If you’re not already in a good alliance killing serious titans, join one that is. Titans are a daily potential source of these rare mats, especially once you are earning Loot Tier IX or better.


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